Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vet report and Birthday present.

   I am so happy today because the vet report was good.  The lump on her right elbow was a pre-cancerous squamous cell tumor.   The edges were clean.   Meaning they got it all.   The other 2 area's were just some weird cyst.   My knees went limp....I swear I almost passed out I was holding my breath so hard.    So it was good news.  Hopefully.  The cancer was caught in time.     On the way out of the vets Zoey went up to some strange dog that was bigger then her and gave her a lick on the face.  The dog sat up looking surprised and the owner laughed.    I said doggy kisses, aren't they cute.   She was so happy and so was I.   I took her for a long walk along the river.  Both of us so happy we couldn't speak.   I love my dog.

     Rick has been having some complications from his surgery.  Excessive bleeding in his groin.  He has bruising down to his knees and is in pain.   Poor man.  Plus his lab showed he wasn't thin enough on his blood.  He got the last 2 shots and the doctor increased his coumadin to 7 mg.  Thursday he gets his lab again.

       MIL looks so sick and ready to go to bed and not get up again.   So sad and sick.  This is sad times but we can do this.  She is ready.  Now to get her son's ready.

      I love this grove of trees.  So calm and peaceful and a great picture to meditate too.  If I was young and wild I would run naked though this grove looking for my unicorn to ride.  With long blond wild hair.

    Today I got a wonderful present for my birthday.   I get money for my gifts as everyone knows I like to get something I like.    This year I ordered a picture from Greg. 
        I have a picture in my livingroom I just love.  It is a beach picture that is so restful.

  Greg has a picture that is so restful and just perfect to compliment this picture I have I have wanted it for a long time.   My birthday seemed like the perfect time to order the photo I wanted.  I received it today.  It is wonderful.   The photo's do not do it justice.

 The frame is perfect, the photo is perfect and Greg did a wonderful job.   Thank you Greg.  I love it.

     Now for another thing.  I want to send a card around the J-land community.   I would like to send it to someone who asks to have it.  They would sign it and send it to someone else who wants it...... and so and so on and so on.   After 6 months who ever has it should send it back to me.   I would love to see where it has traveled too in the world.   If after 6 months  more people want it I would send it on for another 6 months.   What do you think?   Would you send it on if you got it?   Let me know.

          Well.  The time is late and I need to rest and have another pear.  Have I mentioned that they were wonderful.  Take care world.   I love you.


candlejmr said...

I've got to get some pears...you keep talking about how good they are!  I LOVE the beach pictures (my very favorite place in the whole wide world!) and I would definitely forward your card if you would like it to travel to me in New Jersey!


inquestoftruth said...

Yayyyy for Zoey!
Poor Rick....it's not like he doesn't have enough to deal with with MIL, but I'm sure they'll get him fixed up quickly.      
I'll send the card on....

jckfrstross said...

great news on zoe:) praying for you all and MIL its going to be so hard


carrotlife said...

YEAH!!! i am so happy about Zoey's vet report. now tell me, why could they not have told you that on the phone yesterday, why make you wait and worry for GOOD news? seems people often forget how stressful it is to be waiting for a medical report, when just the words, "everything is ok" can make such a difference.

i am sorry Rick is having complications. i do hope they can get all of that straightened out quickly. i also hope eveyone is able to soon accept what it sounds like your MIL has already come to terms with. but that is such a difficult thing to do. i will be praying for some kind of peace within the hurt for all of you.

lanurseprn said...

Hi Julie,
I'm soooo happy to hear about Zoey. I was worried about her. How funny she licked that other dog LOL!
Sorry Rick is having trouble. If he ever needs anything else done, you will be dragging him to the Doc's office kicking and screaming after this!
I love that picture Greg sent you. It's beautiful!! Nice Bday present to yourself.
Sorry MIL is going downhill so fast. It's so hard.

countrylady4071 said...

I'm so happy Zoey will be OK.  I was also worried about your dog.  I hope your husband will soon be feeling better.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.  I know how hard it is to know your loved one is dying.  Be strong!

kirkbyj05 said...

Awww! Julie,   You had me crying with happiness and sadness too in this entry.
I was so happy to hear about Zoey. Her kiss to a perfect stranger dog must have meant she was too.  I know how you feel about your dog as I felt that too with my old dog.
As for Betty...well poor soul!  I pray that she will slip away comfortably and with no fear or discomfort.
We all just need to be held or kept in close companionship until we pass over.  I know she will be given that by you and the rest of her family.  God Bless her!
Poor Rick.  I hope they sort him out soon and then he can recover back to normal without worrying you any more.  And you can have a bike ride before the winter sets in.
Strange you should put a woodland photo here today.  I have a couple which I took yesterday and I hope to put on my journal later today if I have time.
I too love the tranquility and qhality of light in the picture you chose for your birthday.
Take care Julie and prayers are being said for Betty.  Bless her!


radar446 said...

That is such wonderful news about Zoey.  Surely this will be her last time dealing with the lumps and bumps.  I'm glad you guys got to take a nice walk together and spend some non-stress time together.  Sounds like Rick is having a rough time after his surgery.  I will keep him in my thoughts.  Hopefully the increase in the Caumadin will help the issues.

I'm not sure if anyone can ever be "truly" ready for death, but you can be prepared for it I guess.  Your MIL has been through so much I can only imagine that she has come to peace with things and is just waiting for her time to come.  That should ease some of the sadness when it does happen.  Regardless, this is never a good time in life, but you can do it, and make it through.

I am so very happy that you like your new picture, and it does compliment the other picture quite well.  They have very similar tones and I can see why you chose the one that you did.  Thanks for the mention here in your journal!


springangel235 said...

Good news, it sure was from the Vet...so happy to read this.
I feel so bad for Rick, he is in my prayers, as is your MIL....she sure is a tough lady with all she has been through.  Loved the pictures...they are just beautiful....hugs and love,

rbrown6172 said...

great news about zoey!!  sorry rick is still having a rough time, but hopefully, he will be on the mend over the next few days.  i really like that pic of greg's too...good choice!  :)  God bless all of you during this sad time with your MIL...i know it's hard, but you can do it.  i would be interested in the card thingy.  :)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Whoo hoo, so glad Zoey's report was good!  I know you have to be walking on air.  Hope Rick gets straightened out soon.  Always praying for your MIL.  That card thingie sounds interesting.  I would do it.  Chris