Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Monday


            It's Monday and for many of you its time to go back to work.  Sorry bout that.  Although I don't have to go to work I am working today.  I have 3 packages to mail.   Sales have been good this month, yippy.  They were nonexistent last month while people were busy getting their kids off to school.  Yesterday I spent some time listing some new old items and cleaning house.  I was so behind.

    Then I have decided to call the vet after all today.  Tomorrow she gets her sutures out, but what if they give me terrible news and there I am crying and not able to concentrate on my driving.  This way I hear today and then have a day to compose myself.  I also have to make an appointment for Rick to get his blood check to see if he is therapeutic with his coumadin. 

    Twice today I  have to give him his shot and 3 times I have to give Zoey her meds.  I do still feel like I am at work.  The shots are getting harder and harder for Rick to take.   They don't hurt when I give them but they hurt for awhile afterward.  So he is starting to dread them.  2 more days.  And he ended up with some real good bruises on his groin where the needles went in.  He is a very pretty color, LOL.  

    Yesterday it was hot here.  I had to use the AC in the bedroom last night.

   For the first day of Fall thats pretty good.  Wish we could go for a ride.  I might load the bike and go myself except today it is suppose to rain.  And of course I want to go to my MIL's today.  I have some dinner for her.  We are going to talk about moving in today also. 

    So that is my day.  I have pork cutlets for supper tonight.  Going to do a German meal my Mom liked and cook it in the  slow pot with sauerkraut.    It gets the best flavor.  As a child I would never eat the sauerkraut but I like it now.  And I bought some yummy pears and grapes.  They must be in season.

     So take all and thanks again for the well wishes.  I will let you all know what the vet says.




countrylady4071 said...

I sure hope you get a good report from the vet about Zoey.  My little dog "Cookie" is a part of our family.  Have a great day.

cacklinrosie101 said...

I love sauerkraut.  That sounds so good.  I'm hoping and praying that all is well with Zoey.  It's been very hot here for late Sept. also.  We've had the AC on but weird because the mornings are really chilly.  Enjoy your day off although you seem busier than I was at work. Chris