Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good Morning

          I survived the night.  Actually slept quite well until about 4 and then heard Zoey just scratching and scratching away.  Every since they took the lumps out she has been so itchy, but this was terrible for her.  I gave her a benadryl but I wonder if I should look for fleas?  When my last dog had surgery one time she went in free of fleas and came back just covered with them.  It took us forever to get rid of them.  However I did put some stuff on her earlier for tick prevention so I think that should still be working.

    Anyway the benadryl worked like a charm and she stopped itching and slept well the rest of the night.  We have to keep it around as she is allergic to bee stings and just loves to try and catch them of course.  Would she if she wasn't allergic?  Live dangerously.

    Now she is sitting there looking at me and wanting her breakfast.  Thing is Rick always feeds her.  And he makes a gourmet meal of it.  A little of this, a little of that.  Pinch of this.  Can I do as well?  She is getting so insistent I will have to find out.

   Today I have quite abit of packing to do as I have sold some items and I should do some listing.  As always the house could use cleaning so I might tackle that also.  Take care all.



radar446 said...

I've heard similar accounts of pets returning from medical procedures with fleas that they never had before.  Sometimes I wonder just how clean Vet's offices are.  I hope Zoey doesn't have fleas and its just from the removal of the lumps.  After all that poor dog has had to endure, fleas would just be too much!


kirkbyj05 said...

Glad you slept well and safe Julie.  Poor old Zoey with her itch.  I hope it's not fleas!  My old dog got them once.  I shattered myself shampooing him and de-fleaing the whole house from top to bottom.  I was so tired at the end of the day I sat on the stairs and cried.  I hate to think of fleas indoors.  Awful!
As for her brekkies?  If she's hungry she'll eat it...Lol!  The steroid anti-inflammatory injection they always gave my old dog after surgery etc always made him ravenous! Good luck with yor packaging and posting.
Jeanie xx

erarein63 said...

I took our animals to the Vets and they weren't using gloves.  Come on, it just grossed me out and you know us nurses have steel stomachs.  Yuck!  Hope Zoey enjoys her breakfast and you have a productive day!  De ;)

coelha said...

Poor doggie..  I hope recovers well, and that you have a good night's rest..  Take care, Julie :)

madcobug said...

She could have been a little allergic to those meds they used. Glad the benadryl did the trick. Checking for fleas might be a good thing. I hope she will be ok. Helen

lanurseprn said...

I sure hope she doesn't have fleas. They are a nightmare! Glad the Benadryl worked. Have a good day.

jlocorriere05 said...

I'd get Zoey checked for fleas Julie. They're so hard to get rid of! Nina had them this spring and all her fur fell out, poor soul looked so scrawny! Jeannette xx