Monday, September 3, 2007

Another nice day.

    Today we went for another bike ride along the river.  The trails were packed with people.  Usually we don't see that many riding.  Slowed us down some which was nice as I got some pictures taken.

        The flowers are still looking good at the dance pavilion and the sand sculptures were still for the most part in one piece.

   Now that last one is my kind of sand sculpture.  We rode to Riverside park and saw a lot of people leaving the park carrying lawn chairs.  Ride up to see what was up and Oh No.  I forgot Hiliary was going to be in town.  We turned around and left the park also, as fast as we could pedal.  I can't stand listening to that lady scream.  I wonder if she had a piece of wheat stuck in her mouth like her hubby did when he visited us hicks.

    The rest of the ride was nice and we ended up and Jolly Rogers for a cool drink and to see the big fish.

   The place was packed with bike riders and boaters.
   Then we came home, showered and went to my MIL.  We did dinner and visited then came home.   MIL is starting to get to the point where she wonders why she gets out of bed.  She did really enjoy her danish meal though the other day.  Just not getting a lot of enjoyment out of anything else.  I have a Almond Kringle ordered which I hope she enjoys.  Her mother was a master baker and no one could make one like she could but this bakery does a really good 2nd.  It should be here tomorrow or the next day.  I gained 3 pounds just ordering it and looking at the pictures.  Yummy.

   Work tomorrow.  I am ready.  It has been a long time.  Take care all. 


gotomaria said...

Love the sunflower!  Maria  

gotomaria said...

Love the sunflower!  Maria  

jckfrstross said...

wonderful pictures:) have a good week


kirkbyj05 said...

How nice that Betty enjoyed her Danish the other day.  I looked up Almond Kringle and it would be called an Almond Danish Slice over here.  I love that kind of pastry....I am drooling now as I think about it. I love it filled with apples and cinnamon...oh!  I could go on.......Lol!
Glad you got out and about on your bike my friend.  Its so good to do what you really like and have the freedom to do it too.  Yes?
Th flowers and sand sculptures en-route look absolutely wonderful! You wouldn't think it was autumn now. you say...back to work tomorrow...have an easy first day back.

Jeanie   xxxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sounds like a nice day of riding, Julie.  Love the sand sculptures.  Is almond kringle Danish?  My mom's neighbors were Danish and used to bake so many good things.  Chris

radar446 said...

I'm so happy you have had a chance to ride so much this past week.  You deserve the time to get out and do what you enjoy from time to time.