Monday, September 10, 2007

Off until Sat. Yah


       After a better night last, minus the 5 enema's, I am off until Sat.  Tomorrow Zoey goes in to get the lumps removed.  Wed. Rick see's the heart Dr. here and Friday we go to Omaha for his Cat Scan.  I am hoping they get done early enough we can hit the Zoo.  We shall see.  It is my birthday so even if we just go to the Old Market and eat I will be happy.  Last year for my birthday I finished my bike ride.  I am hoping for my birthday this year to get my life mate fixed so we can do the big ride in the Black hills next year.

    Rick fixed the furnace.  Since the weather has gotten cold in the 40's it was none to soon.  It is rainy and cold.  Should be nice tomorrow and we plan to ride our bikes.  Not many days left to ride.  He found a baby gardener snake in the basement that he released outside.  I told him he should have left it as there as so many spiders.  There are probably more around.  How do they get in there?

     My MIL fell yesterday.  They were all over there visiting with relatives and she got up to get something.  Before anyone could catch her down she went.  I have told her repeatedly to ask for help getting up and use her walker.  Rick just felt terrible as they all did.  I told her we were going to tie a pillow to her butt.  She has no padding.  I am glad she didn't break anything.  When I wake up I will go over and check her out.

    Well, time to go to bed.  I am tired and my knee is acting up.  A nice sleepis in order.


springangel235 said...

Well, to me you had a busy night.  Keeping good thoughts for Rick and Zoey both.  Hope all goes well.  Cold, wow...I would love it if the temps dropped into the 60's and 40's at night, so we could use our woodstove.  Keeping good thoughts for your MIL, sorry she happy she didn't break anything.  Have a nice time off, you deserve it!
Hugs and love,

kirkbyj05 said...

Now that's good news!  Off most of the week until Saturday.
Hope Zoey's operation goes well tomorrow.
Its all happening this week..isn't it?  
Sooo its your birthday on Friday?  I hope you make it to the Zoo.  Every birthday girl should get her wish. <smile>
Poor Betty.  Isn't it always the way.  It just shows how easily they can hurt themselves even though there are folks to hand.   They are so independent sometimes.
Our summer temperatures dropped as low as 14.  Now we are experiencing warmer weather for Autumn.  What topsy turvy weather we have had this year.
Snakes and spiders!!!!!!!   I'm glad I live where I do. (((Shiver)))
G'nite...sleep well..
Jeanie xxx

rbrown6172 said...

what a beautiful butterfly!  i know you're glad to be off for a few days, but it appears you will be very busy.  i don't care what kind of snake it is....i don't want it near my house!!  out in the woods sleeping peacefully so i can snap it's pic is ok.  lol

jckfrstross said...

love the butterfly picture:) have a good week:)


rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful Colors in the wings of the Butterfly. Love this picture. I think that is a wonderful gift to have for your Birthday this year hon, getting your life partner fixed. Sorry to hear about your MIL falling. Hopefully all is well now. (Hugs) Indigo