Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time is flying

  Today Rick has his pre-op visit.  Fortunately it is in town here.  Then Friday we go to Omaha for his cat scan.  Since it is my birthday we hope to do something fun like the zoo, but it will depend on how long it takes up to find our way around the hospital.  Or hospitals I should say.  The complex is huge and consists of many buildings connected by tunnels.  We need to go to A though B under C to end up at D and then back to B or something like that.  Hopefully a completely lost expression will snare up a guide.

   Check out this wonderful blog.  I think I am the last one to find it.  She has 6 kids and a wonderful writing style.  Probably will be a book coming out some day.  Good for lots of chuckles.

    We spent yesterday at MIL's of course while waiting for them to release our frankenpuppy from the vet.  She suffered no ill effects from the fall and the hospice nurse was there so we had a nice visit.  BIL is drinking now the minute he gets up and hospice expects his drinking to deteriorate even more the worse my MIL gets.  We have been spending most of our time there and plan on moving in the day Rick is released from the hospital.  We may not make it a week though.  BIL goes to the bar for long hours during the day and I worry she may fall while we are out of town and no one will be with there.  I am trying to talk her into going into the hospital for the day.  Respite care is for that.  So far she is resisting but I am hoping to talk her into it.  I told her I was worried about BIL's drinking.  He's not drinking, he told me so and he wouldn't lie to me.  What!  She is the only one not seeing it.

   We have another relative here.  She commented on BIL's drinking and voiced her concerns.  He thinks he is so sly and no one knows.  Well everyone knows Bro.

    The weather is cool here and we got the furnace fixed just in the nick of time.  Thank goodness.

    Well take care all and have a great hump day.

                      Don't let Rick know I posted his pic here.......Yah right.


springangel235 said...

Keeping good thoughts for Rick...hospitals can be mazes...some are so large!
Sad about your BIL drinking...hope he can cope in a different way.  Thanks ror the link to the new to check it out.  Hope your midweek goes well...hugs and love,

rdautumnsage said...

Poor Zoey, Frankenpup indeed. At this point I think your MIL will say anything not to spend a day in Respite care, even to the extent that your BIL is not drinking. When is he suppose to leave? It can't be soon enough. Keeping Rick and your MIL in my prayers on the smoke! (Hugs) Indigo

nightmaremom said...

good luck.. hopin all works out well

cacklinrosie101 said...

Your MIL doesn't see it because she doesn't want to and couldn't deal with it if she did.  That's such a shame.  I hope you can talk her into doing the respite care while you are gone.  Chris