Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday and all is well

         The start of my long stretch off is always cause for celebration.  I am ready for it.   After the week at work I had I just need to shut down the ole brain for a while and relax.  Some days the stress really gets to you.  Have to be on top of it all the time.  Usually I kind of enjoy it but the last few days were just a strain.

       Yesterday they finally closed the estate.  Finished.  What a long time that takes.  Rick must have signed a million papers.  I thought a will was suppose to make that easier.  I swear it was easier when my mom passed and there were 5 of us kids.  It will be nice not getting the daily call from my BIL to see if the lawyer has called yet.  We have been trying to guess how long it will take him to go through the money.  When I hear how he plans to invest it I think 8 months tops.  I sure hope he moves.

       I am hoping to ride today.  It is raining of course but maybe will clear up by the time I wake up.  Hope so.

       I have been having computer problems for a few months here.  Sometimes I can't sign on the computer.  I have to shut it down and then sign on again to get it to work and sometimes not even that works.  No internet connection it says.  We had cable check their wires.  Anyone have problems like this and what caused it.  Is it cable or my computer?

      Well, time for bed.  I am way behind on alerts.  hope to catch up soon.  Take care all.


coelha said...

I hope you'll be riding soon :)  Have a great weekend!  Julie

sharonna1955 said...

glad that mess is over for you guys im hoping he moves too ...luv yah and god bless you all ...Sue

inquestoftruth said...

I know that's got to be a relief, all the way around.     I hate computer problems.   Luckily ole boy is a computer tech kinda guy, so generally he can fix it, and if not, one of his co workers can.    That didn't help you much, did it?  lol

Have a wonder lonnnnng stretch off!

jimsulliv3 said...

Glad to hear the estate's settled. What a pain! Enjoy your time off.


radar446 said...

I hope you had the opportunity to go for a ride today.  It was a nice day here for it, and I hope that was the case for you.


rdautumnsage said...

Congrats on the final closing for you MIL's will. I don't think the money will last long with BIL either, if he doesn't go through it in a year I will be highly surprised. (Hugs)Indigo