Monday, July 14, 2008

The start of another week.


  Yesterday we went on a great bike ride.     My toe didn't bother me at all so today we want to go for a longer ride.  One with hills as I have to start getting ready for that.  Times just flying.  We will be on the trail in the Black hills soon.  I can't wait.  I ordered some bike shorts and we both are getting our bikes in to get tuned up for the ride.  Rick is having trouble with his brakes and I want mine oiled and adjusted. 

      Today, except for riding we have no other plans.  Of course I could clean house, but it isn't going anywhere.  Later we are going to try and get hold of my BIL and get the 400 he owes me.  Now that he has his money...and owes me some of it ....we haven't heard a word from him.  Before he got his money and wanted some we got calls everyday.  Typical.  Of course he always thought I had money running out of my ears. What tipped him off.  My paint peeling house or my 16 year old car?  Giggle.  The rumors nurses are made of money!  Remember I am in Iowa, state of the lowest paid nurses in the country.  Lower then Guam and the Virgin Islands.

    My toe actually feels a little better today.  So I will just hold off on the doctor for now.  As long as I don't bang it again I can live with it.  I can even get my bike shoes on.  What else do I need?


madcobug said...

I am glad that your toe is better. Your BIL may have flown the coup since he got his money. I hope you get yours back. If people could get along as well as the rabbit and doves are in your picture the world would be a much better place. Helen

venus905 said...

Good morning Julie, glad to hear your toe is better.  Your BIL sounds like my ex (that's why he's my ex!).  Anytime there was money, he was around and it was spend, spend, spend.  I was always the saver; consequently, the divorce.  He told me I was cursed, that I would lose everything.  HA!  24 yrs later and he is in the projects in another state, never amounted to anything.  I raised 2 wonderful kids alone and have a "tidy" sum of money put away for those rainy days.  

I guess it's true, you never appreciate something if it's given to you, you have to "work" for it!

Estela in blistering hot South TX

jimsulliv3 said...

Cute picture. Did you take it?


coelha said...

Aww..cute bunny!  Have fun riding, and good luck with the BIL and the $$...  People are so hard to find when they owe ya' money..  Have a great ride!  Julie

radar446 said...

Glad your toe is feeling better, and after a bike ride at that.  Maybe you won't need to see a doctor after all.  There is very little that they can do for a broken toe anyway.


jlocorriere05 said...

Lucky you going to the Black Hills to ride. I've been to Custer, Deadwood and Sturgis and all over the Black Hills Park, it's beautiful. I'm glad your toe is holding up for you. I hope you manage to get hold of your BIL and get your money back. Jeannette xx