Monday, July 21, 2008

I suppose it was inevitable

   That with one of these storms we have had we would get hit.  Last night was the night.

   I had gotten off work at 11 for low census.  We were having a severe lighting storm so hurried home.  Around 1225 am I decided I had better shut down the computer and get the flashlights out.  The computer was almost done when boom, sounded like we got hit by lightening and our transformer blew.  Stumbling in the dark to the kitchen to get the flashlights and boom something hit the house.  Hard.  Boom boom boom. 

The rain was pouring.  When the lightening flashed we could see out the window and tell a tree was on our house in the front. I have to admit to being scared to death. We could hear things crashing outside and were making our way to the basement when I felt something wet under my foot.  Shining the light on my ceiling I was a couple of cracks with water coming through.  Oh crap.  Forget the basement and get out every pot and bucket in the house.  Then sat down to wait it out.

   Finally about 6 am it was light enough to see the damage.  We have a large branch on our roof.  Our plum tree that the woodpecker hollowed out was down.


 Branches down all over the road and trees down all over.  What mess.  I need coffee before I tackled the insurance company and taking the tree off the house so we drove to the cafe.  Trees and wires down all over.  A couple of other neighbors have tree damage and one neighbors car is flat. 

So this is suppose to be my day off.  We were going to do the big ride today.  Instead we are doing the big cleanup.

 On no sleep.  But they did get our power back on after 9 hours.  And the weird thing.  On my microwave.  A year or so ago the digital numbers stopped working.  The microwave worked well, you just couldn't tell how much time you had.  Today....all the numbers are up and running just like new.  Isn't that strange?

      The weird thing about the branch, it was from the top of the tree.  In the back by the road.  It had to go straight up and over the rest of the tree to then fall back on our house.  They say no tornado.  Winds clocked at 78 miles per hour.  Sure sounded like the end of the world.  Sure hope my insurance is worth the money I have been paying.


coelha said...

Eeek!!!  I'm sorry about the mess, but so glad you and your family weren't hurt!  How scary!!  :O  Julie

venus905 said...

Good morning from South TX!  Sure glad you're okay after that scary night.  Thankfully it wasn't more, now, like you say, let's hope that insurance kicks in.  I think the deductible is usually about 1% of what you have your home insured for.  

We're bracing for Tropical Storm (praying hard that it doesn't become a hurricane) Dolly here in deep south TX.  Gotta get out to the stores before the crowds hit.

Estela in South TX

madcobug said...

I am glad that none of you were hurt. I hope the insurance gets right on this and that you can have everything fixed back soon. That is weird about the microwave. Helen

nhd106 said...

Wow Julie....that's scary!   We had a huge tree fall last month but fortunately it did not hit our house.   I'm sure glad you're all ok and that insurance does you right.


countrylady4071 said...

I'm so glad no one was hurt.  I know just how you feel.  We had a SEVERE hail storm here in Virginia on June 16th.  It tore our roof up.  In fact, I have men here today putting on a new roof.  Thank God our insurance company paid for it.  I hope your company will do the same.  God Bless you.

jlocorriere05 said...

Poor you Julie, that looks like a hell of a storm you had! I'm so glad you didn't get hurt. Maybe the power surge from the storm got your microwave numbers up again, very weird! I hope you can get the insurance sorted and get the roof fixed soon. Jeannette xx  

nightmaremom said...

OMG sure looks like a tornado...   glad you are safe and sound... sorry for the mess.

cacklinrosie101 said...

No foot.  They keep saying we have microbursts around here but the damage sure looks like that of a tornado and it's so darned loud.  Sheesh, what a mess you have.  Glad you are safe and sound, though.  Chris

radar446 said...

Oh wow, I hate to hear that.  I was hoping that the damage wasn't going to be too bad, but then I read where water was getting in.  Goodness, you really should be all caught up on your quota of bad news.  Here's to a new roof!


jimsulliv3 said...

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Could've been worse I guess.


maryajacobs5 said...

Sorry about the damage, hope it all gets sorted soon, and that the insurance company put their money where their promises are


rbrown6172 said...

ouch...really hate to read this but very glad you and rick are unharmed.  that is really strange about the microwave.