Thursday, July 3, 2008

There's nothing wrong

        Now what I think about this.  The possibility of coming to America and making your fortune is what has been the motivation for legal immigrants from the beginning.  

   And it happens.  If you work hard it is possible in this country to get rich no matter who you are.  If your lucky you can watch your company you started from scratch take off and become successful.  Employ people, create jobs, pay taxes, enjoy the fruit of your labor.  Now why should they be punished for that or made to feel quilty because they are successful at what you do?  Why should anyone feel bad because you realized your dreams?

     Most very wealthy, not all I know, but most very wealthy people I know work very hard and long hours to be as successful as they are.  And that is the American dream.  The streets can be paved with gold if your willing to work at it.  But lately the news, politicians, actors, and actresses, certain newspapers seem to want to make us all feel the guilt.  For what!  Being successful.  John Doe across the street is more successful then me, well good for him.  Joe Blow 2 blocks down lives in the gutter, well get up out of the gutter. 

    Time to feel the pride again people.  Don't let them tell you it isn't as good as it is because that is the first step to losing what we all cherish.  Our freedoms.  One at a time.

    Now I know some people will be upset about his entry but since I write when I get the inspiration and for me so be it.  But it is something we all have to do.  Feel the pride and wear it proudly.

     Happy 4th of July


coelha said...

No, there isn't anything wrong--I totally agree with you.  I have relatives who came to this country (legally) who have become very successful--from a lot of hard work--no hand outs.  I don't see what is wrong that--at all; it's called the American Dream.  Julie

jimsulliv3 said...

Well said love. Tomorrow should be fun. Enjoy it.


jimsulliv3 said...

Wow Jules, I had to come back to say that video rocks! You go girl!


rbrown6172 said...

happy 4th!