Friday, July 11, 2008

Scary Drive

   Man oh man I tell you you take your life in your hands driving around these days.  I wish I was a patrol cop as I would be giving tickets out right and left.  Just some examples.

  One woman was pointing something out to her passenger along the road.  While they were both looking off to the side the car went over 2 lanes of traffic!  Right in front of my new van.  When they finally looked back at the road and realized she had strayed she zoomed right back to her original lane without checking traffic first.  Once again right in front of us as we were doing evasive driving.

    Another block later a car weaving back and forth.  Getting up to it a young teenager was texting someone with both hands while steering with her elbows.  She was probably all of 16 or 17.  Already a pro.  Able to drive blindly and kill unsuspecting middle age people with a single finger pushing send.  Probably calling another teen who was driving.

Hi Sara, what are you doing?

Hi Cara, texting you, what are doing?

Texting you back.

Anything new since the 5 minutes I texted you last?

I saw a cute guy about you.

No...just mad looking old people behind me......


    Couple of blocks further great grandfather Jo let loose from the senior center for the day slowly pulled out into the interstate at all of 12 miles a hour.  Never mind the speed limit was 70.  Forget about speeding up as he was only going 10 miles and he couldn't see good enough at high speeds to read his exit signs anyway.  Life was going by fast enough without hurrying it along any faster.

     Jim was mad at Jane.  Loudly and with both hands to empathize his anger he was raging at her all the way down the  block.  Narrowly missing the poor bike rider ahead as he jabbed a finger in her direction to get his point across.  So mad he was seeing red and went through the red to prove it.

    And just to prove that idiot drivers don't necessarily need to be driving a car a bicycle rider runs a red light in front of a dangerous SUV, notorious for killing people anyway, and narrowly misses becoming tomorrows headline.  "SUV kills innocent biker in mad road rage over gas prices".

   Finally arriving home I was doubly grateful I had spent the extra money to be in a minivan rated to be among the safest on the road.  They should sell insurance for driving across town.  Hazard pay for drivers. 

   I feel like I should get a medal for arriving home safely.  Kissing the ground I stagger in the house and to my room to meditate. Surely this is the real reason for high blood pressure and heart attacks.

   Be safe careful.


inquestoftruth said...

LOL.    This is a funny entry, 'specially the text dialog.    Remind me, though, that I don't want to drive in Iowa.

madcobug said...

The way you described all that is just about the way it really happened. A lot of careless people out there. You can go about 5 miles from home and about that many autos pull out in front of you. Never mind that your car lights are on. They do it anyway. Helen

coelha said...

Oh gosh...  Sometimes it's best just to stay home, huh?  LOL..  Julie

candlejmr said...

I do alot of driving and I know exactly what you mean.  There is a NO CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING law here and you still see people chatting and texting away.  And, forgive me for saying this, but some of those great great great great grandma's and grandpa's out there just should not be on the road.  

It's a scary place out there!!


rdautumnsage said...

Surprisingly it isn't against the law to text on your cell phone while driving, just talking. Given the option I would rather they talk...Sounds like a harried day for sure. (Hugs)Indigo

radar446 said...

I've pretty much seen it all on the road, and yes, I've pretty much ticketed it all as well.  The roads are a scary place to be indeed!


springangel235 said...

The road is a scary place these days...I would love for a patrol officer to see all the things we have seen on the road...but they are not around and people just get by with it all.   Here's to safe driving careful!
Hugs and love,

rbrown6172 said...

ahh yes...scary indeed...but i love the humorous way you've presented it here.  i've been catching up on alerts...sorry about the toe but glad it hasn't stopped you from getting some good bike riding in...and pic taking!  i love the bunny and mourning doves!  fantastic!!!  also enjoyed reading your answers to donna's meme.