Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last day off


        There is something sad about that but I am grateful to have a job.  Things could be worse and the truth is I like my job so that helps.

      We are getting ready for another ride this morning.  We have been reading the site on the trail to get us pumped up.  I am really looking forward to it.  I have to start doing hills though.  Some of the hills are 14 miles long of just a gradual incline.  After awhile your muscles just scream doing that.  But then the joy of a downhill.

      I have been happy to see more plus size people out on the trails.  I know when I started I was so self conscious.  I am my own worse enemy.  It doesn't help that my face sweats terribly and I burn instantly.  By the end of our rides a look like I am going to have a stroke.  I still love it and hope the woman and men that are riding are having as much fun.  Maybe I should start a bike club.  Call it plus peddler's or something.  There is safety in numbers.  What do you think?

       Yesterday I got my hair highlighted.  It looks pretty good. We ended up not getting our ride in as we had to many candles burning.  So today we are going for sure.

     I was talking to my hairdresser, yes they are just like a bartender, about my worries about Rick having early Alzheimer's.   I haven't mentioned it here as sometimes he reads my journal but I finally voiced my concerns to him.  Some of the things he does is what we all do, forget names or calls the phone the iron, right Donna!  But some things he is doing worries me.  Like forgetting how to use something he uses daily.  Like starting the car!  Or dates.  And when you tell him he swears you never told him.  Plus he has had these anger bouts.  Not like him at all and out of the blue for nothing.  Lots of little things but they go slightly past the things we all do.  So I am nervous.  And try getting him to a doctor.

         Last year I finally convinced him to go and see the doc for a checkup.  Took me 3 months to talk him into.  Get there and voiced many of our concerns to the doc who completely dropped the ball.  Found out he was in a fib and that is all he cared about.  No sleep apnea test, nothing about the depression or memory loss, nothing nada squat.  That happens alot.  So I am thinking about getting a different doctor.  One that will listen.  because early treatment is important.  And I hope I am wrong.  Pray I am wrong actually.

    Anyway it was good to talk to someone about it.  It runs in Ricks family.

     Besides that worry Luke's divorce hearing is today.  His x has kept changing their agreement thanks to her Dads so he has been very depressed and upset.  He couldn't get into the lawyer yet and we can't get them to hold off.  Whats the big hurry!  I guess they want to keep on ruining his life.  I worry about him as he is as depressed as I have ever seen him and have made him promise not to do anything stupid.

         So some things of concern.  Heavens forbid we just have a quiet happy little life here. LOL.

     Oh and of less concern.  My puter is really causing problems.   I have lost all my memory.  I have nothing downloaded.  My son came over and checked everything out.  There should be tons of memory but there isn't.  At night Rick and I watch Netflix instant movies on the computer and cuddle on the spare bed, just cuddle.  Now I don't have enough memory to even do that.  So we need a new computer with as much memory as possible.  No one seems to know why this is messed up, but I don't have a huge memory card anyway.  With my pictures I need a bigger one although I don't store them on it.

    Last but not least.  Have you ever noticed how often you bang your little toe?  I keep hitting it.  I hate wearing shoes so that is part of the problem but sheesh.  The bruising is going away but it still crunches when I walk so I can tell it isn't set very well.  From the bottom it is completely numb.  Like I don't have a toe at all, but from the side, yikes, touch and yell.  I keep telling myself.  5 more weeks and it will be healed if I don't break it again.

     Well, Rick isready so I had better get ready.  My trusty bike awaits me.

              name taqg


candlejmr said...

I think Peddlers Plus is a FABULOUS idea!!!  I hope you get the Dr to listen to you about Rick this time.  You know him BEST....if you say something is "not right" then they need to take that seriously!


nhd106 said...

DEFINITELY get another opinion for Rick.  It sure sounds like early Alz unfortunately...but he should go again to someone else.  good luck...sorry you're going through this, Julie.


madcobug said...

I also think you need to change Dr's. makes me wonder also if he has been having any mini strokes that could be causing the problem. If you lived in this area I know my daughter would join your bike club. There is not anyone she know who rides one. She does have a good bike. I hope that toe gets well soon. I bet your hair looks pretty. Helen

coelha said...

Have a good ride today!  I think your club idea is great!  :)  Julie

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope your fears over Rick are unfounded but it'd be nice if the doctor had bothered to listen when he saw him. Whenever we hurt a part of our body we always seem to keep banging it after or maybe we do it anyway and it's just that we notice it more cos it hurts! Enjoy your bike ride ....fouteen miles up hill??!! Wow! Jeannette xx  

jimsulliv3 said...

All these bike stories are arousing my interest in biking. I haven't done it in a while, but I always enjoyed it. Maybe I'll give it a trial. Have fun.


rbrown6172 said...

you do have a lot on your plate right now.  i hope you can get rick in to see a good doc...hopefully, being a nurse, you can find out who's highly recommended among your peers.  that toe will just take a while to heal, and i really admire your stamina and resolve to keep on going regardless.  my thoughts are with your son...divorce is so hard.  you and your family will be in my prayers.