Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday already


    I just read about Linda's house fire.   Please stop by and offer support to this wonderful J-lander.  I hope she will be back with us soon.  I am just grateful they are all alright.

     I am on my last night tonight.  The census on my floor is low, but the trauma's and accidents have been hot and heavy all holiday weekend. 

    On the 4th I watched some of our fireworks from one of the empty hospital rooms with some patients that could get up.  So pretty.  I just love fireworks but not to let them off myself.  Firecrackers are just plain boring compared to these big displays.

    I had some really cranky old patients this weekend who complained bitterly about being kept awake.  Thing is if they hadn't been so darn sick and near death I would have let them sleep.  Sheesh what do they think.  Come in with a life threatening illness and don't want your sleep disturbed.  Excuse for waking you up to save your cranky self.  They all need manners matter awards to remind them.

    So that makes the work less enjoyable but in spite of them I managed to stabilize them nicely and they should make up.  Only to go home and complain to anyone who will listen about how they got no rest in the hospital and we darn near killed them waking them up all night.  Day nurses have it nicer in this regard.  At night everyone gets mad at us.  Call a doctor it had better be for a darn good reason.  Have to call a family member at night and you scare the daylights out of them.

      The bike riding was going good and I am trying to drop some pounds.  I have even given up my wonderful after ride beer which you all know I like once in a while.  Too many calories for now.

     Well, I can feel myself getting sleepy so time for bed.   Hope everyone enjoys the day.  It is hot and really muggy after the rain last night.  Might as well sleep through the worse of it.


jlocorriere05 said...

Lol at the patients! They just don't appreciate that you don't want to wake them up, case of having too! Send me sojme heat, I'll even take the mugginess, it's cold, raining hard and gale force winds here! Jeannette xx  

howiseeit101 said...

love the tag on this one; nurses are my heros.

ukgal36 said...

Love your tags