Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday already

       And my front and side yards are covered with the orange wild lilies.  definately a summer attraction.  I love these flowers as they are so easy to grow and transplant.

     Yesterday was a bad day.   We had some running around to do in the morning.  The longer I was on my foot the worse the entire darn leg felt.  You find yourself favoring the leg with the broken toe.  So then your calf starts hurting.  So you favor the calf and the toe and your hip and back complain.  Oh the importance of good posture.

     The toes is numb and swollen.  Unless I hit it.  So yesterday I hit it again on Ricks big old shoe.  Put me through the roof with pain.  And throbbing, oh my.  And it hasn't stopped since.  So I laid around the rest of day with ice on it.

     I have been having trouble with this same toe and foot.  This is the same toe I broke a couple of years ago.  Then I got arthritis in it.  So this isn't helping.  I have gotten 2 different suggestions.  One says I should go see the doc in case it isn't set correctly.  It it needs to be a lined better or even have screws put in it it will heal better reducing my chances of getting arthritis worse.  Plus I would get pain pills.  The other suggestion is to just tape it like I am doing and suck it up for a few weeks until it heals.  That the doctor would probably just tape them together anyway.

        So...Poll Time

        The weather looks nice out right now.  I am going to still try a bike ride.  It might make my calf feel better.  I don't use my toes to ride, just my middle foot so it might be OK and it would do wonders for my mood.

      Well, just wanted to whine a little.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


candlejmr said...

Looks like a visit to the Dr is in order!!!  You don't want it to possibly heal incorrectly...and yes, you can get pain pills...and maybe even a stronger anti inflammatory medication.

I VOTE GO!!!!!

Good luck!


carrotlife said...

Julie- i say go to the doc....they may not be able to do any more than you are already doing, but ya never know, maybe they CAN do something.

since i have only been reading your journal for a year, i decided the other day to go back and read your first year of writing. i have found it to be very inspirational....motivating. you have done so well! thank you for sharing your journey :)

madcobug said...

By all means see the dr. if there is anyway to help the pain go for it. Your lily flower pics are beautiful. Helen

cacklinrosie101 said...

I would definitely see the, you stubborn nurses or maybe you know more than we do.  Anyway, Julie, isn't your trip coming up soon.  You have to get that foot in order.  BTW:  We call those orange lillies, day lillies in sw pa.  Hope you get some relief.  Chris

nhd106 said...

1)  Pretty flower pics!
2)  Go to Dr!


coelha said...

If you see a doctor, he may just tape it up--BUT at least you can get some pain pills for the pain.  Why suffer?  Ouch..  I hope you feel better soon.  Julie

springangel235 said...

I think seeing a doctor he is just probably going to tape it up...but you use your best judgement...I pray it gets better soon...many hugs and love,