Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good Morning everyone

         After a soothing rain during the night I am awake and well rested.  Soon I will be chopping up meat and veggies for the kabobs we are having today.  I want to marinate them for awhile.  Don't they sound good grilled, yummy.

      Rick is at the lawyers again this morning.  Every time he signs some paperwork they say it is the last one, but everyday he gets a call there is one more.  I swear the estate of my mom  who died without a will and with bills was tons easier to close.  Sheesh, if they would just let you take of your own business yourself we could have had this done a long time ago.  The gas money alone running downtown all the time is expensive.

        Last night we went downtown to eat.  It was the first day of the smoking ban in public places and I wanted to see how it affected business.  Frankly, I don't smoke and can't stand the smell on my clothes, but to me how can they ban a legal substance?  How can they tell restaurant owners and bar what they can and can't allow in their own places?  I think if smoking is such a issue then make it illegal.  But the government gets so many tax dollars they won't do that.  What will they decide to ban next?  Personally strong perfume bothers me, I have asthma attacks, why not ban that, and the smell of sweat or strong body odor, or... or... or.  What will they turn their attention to next?  Why us overweight people, and then the short people, and the tall people, and the people who drink pop.

      Man, sorry about that.  I seriously did not mean to rant here.  I should be hitting my other journal.  Sometimes I just go off.  Anyway.  The holiday. I am going to see if I can work.  The money would make me happy.  I have a van payment due soon.  Gee, I haven't had a car payment for a long time.  Thats the downside to the new van.  I read where they are saying the death of the mini van.  I think it must be the death of the brand new overpriced mini vans because the used ones are just flying off the lots here and I see them all over.  At least 4 out of every 10 vehicles on the road is a mini van.  I am very happy with mine even though the gas mileage is terrible.

       My vacation is next month.  I am so excited.  We are going to ride again today and I am exercising to get in shape for it.  We are thinking of going to Glacier Park after we leave the black hills.  Depends on what it costs us riding around.  I am going to bring my laptop so I can download my pictures on it.  I have a feeling I will be taking tons.  I can't wait.

     Well, I have to get the meat cut up.  Hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July.



coelha said...

There has been a ban in smoking here in California for years.  It's not bad..  I mean, well..  I don't smoke, but I don't feel I have to smell someone's smoke when I eat.  Most places have an area just for smoking-like outside.  They don't allow smoking at the jails anymore to the inmates-only hard candy.  We are so used to having it smoke free, whenever we go out of state or out of the country it shocks us now.  My daughter had a hard time in Portugal--the smoke stung her eyes.  There was already something here against an overweight man here in Cali who kept on visiting the "all you can eat" sushi bar.  I guess the management felt he was just eating too much sushi!  I hope you have a good holiday!  :)  Julie

candlejmr said...

We have had a smoking ban in effect here for a while and I LOVE IT!  I can now go to this little restaurant that I LOVE again.  We had to stop going because the smoke was SO BAD.  But now, it's all fresh air and I love it!

I can't wait for vacation either.  We leave for Virginia Beach on the 26th and I am counting down the days!


rdautumnsage said...

The smoking ban has been in effect here for a couple of years now. I quit last Oct. and Doc hasn't smoked in over a month. As for how it effect businesses. A few of the smaller bars closed down, bars don't have as many bands and if they do they don't pay what they used to. You would think with the price of cigarettes these days that would be enough to encourage people to quit. They are $6 a pack in my area. One of the reasons Doc quit, he said he couldn't afford to feed that habit anymore. (Hugs)Indigo