Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just things

      Well would you believe our insurance company still hasn't come out yet.  They are suppose to be here Monday.  A full 2 weeks after the damage.  I just have a feeling this isn't going to go well.  We were all set to change insurance companies this month to the one my son has as we were so impressed with them.  We are probably going to regret procrastinating on it.

     Rick was working on his bike yesterday when his back went out.  Sciatica pain big time.  He can hardly move.  I was hoping to ride my bike today.  I should have gone out by myself as he slept most of the day due to the pain medication.  Instead I did some housework and ironing.  Hate to iron but it needs to be done. 

    My toe is actually feeling better tonight knock on wood.  After hitting it at least once a day I finally got smart and am wearing my shoes all day.  I get these simply awful stabbing pains up my toe into my foot but it isn't all day.  Things are getting better.

   I gave the guinea pig and Zoey a bath.  They are both happy fluffy critters now.  I was reading about the guinea pig festival  in Peru.    They dress them up in cute little costumes, have a parade and judging contest and then eat them using their favorite recipes.  Poor Chester.  The poor pigs in the video look like they know what their fate is.  I hear they taste like chicken.  

    I haven't ridden for a week.  I am feeling fat and fluffy.  Thursday I am going to a open house on non surgical weight loss classes.  They won't tell you the price over the phone.  Always a bad sign but I need to get motivated.  Seems like every time I get my motivation up...something breaks.  Weird.


rdautumnsage said...

Loved the mini article about the cat and dog hon. I'm keeping both you and Rick in my prayers on the smoke. I think I would want to change insurance companies myself if they dragged their feet. I don't think I could even imagine dressing up guinea pigs so you could eat them. It seems kind of cruel to almost humanize them and then kill them. (Hugs)Indigo

sugarsweet056 said...

Love the kitty pic! So cute & yet elagant. lol
Have a good week.

cacklinrosie101 said...

You and Rick are having a time of it with your orthopedic problems.  I hope he gets some relief soon.  I'm cracking up at the bunny at the top.  Since I'm reading backwards, I know the insurance came through.  I'm betting they've been overwhelmed with the number of claims which is why it took them so long.  LOL at dressing up guinea pigs.  I'd love to see that.  Chris

jlocorriere05 said...

I missed this entry Julie! Sorry Rick isn't too good either now. I do hope your toe heals soon. I must admit I ate guinea pig in Peru, it tastes lovely, like a light sweet tasting meat. I didn't think it tasted like chicken but I liked it! I was told they don't eat rabbits in Peru as they keep them as pets but guinea pigs are never pets, just food items! It's also an insult to serve up a portion of guinea pig, you have to have the whole animal on your plate! Lucky they're small! Jeannette xx