Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nice Day off



        I had a nice day off.  Didn't do a darn thing productive.  My oldest son is ill so we got him soup and jello and then took off so we didn't catch it.  Such a good mom.

      It is hot and humid in Iowa and all over from what I have been reading.  So dinner out.  We made it a long drawn out affair.  Then I decided I was feeling lucky.  I rarely gamble but felt in the mood so we went to the casino.  I spend $8.00 in a dollar machine machine and hit $100.00 so left.  Always quit when your ahead.  Back to town to have a night cap and visit with friends.  It was good to relax. 

      Rick has been cranky all week getting everything done to finish the estate so he needed some R and R also.  He was in a much better mood by the time we left and I got my perfect rose.  Just lovely and I do deserve it, LOL.


         At home we watched a movie.  Nothing most people would care about.  It was call A Certain Kind Of Death.  Its about what happen to people who die that have no family and what they do with the body and estate.  Morbid I know but interesting as we get quite a few people these days who have no next of kin.  They say it is going up also.  All I can say is make sure you make your arrangements before you go.  That is on my too do list.

   Well it is late, I am tired.  Didn't get a ride in.  Just too hot and humid and Rick had a bike accident yesterday so is hurting too bad to ride.  Also I broke my small toe and am hobbling around.  We are quite the pair.  Hope everyone has a great Friday.


If you can cultivate wholesome mental states prior to sleep and allow them to continue right into sleep without getting distracted, then sleep itself becomes wholesome.

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama


madcobug said...

Sorry about the broke toe. I hope it gets well soon. Beautiful flowers you have there. Bet that mocking bird was singing it's head off LOL. Helen

nhd106 said...

sounds like some nice time sure got some pretty pics too!


radar446 said...

Sometimes the best days off are the ones where you get nothing at all done.  I bet you feel much better now don't you?