Thursday, March 27, 2008


       The above marble is the same one shot from different tops.  Completely different looking from both ends, so cool.

    Woke up this morning to snow.  At least an inch.  Bummer.   Yes it is already melting but I still don't want to see it.  Darn stuff....go away.

    Spent all day cleaning.  Found this great site about not cluttering.  After my MIL's I vowed to go through my house and throw throw throw.  Her house was always neat because she had a large house with lots of closets.  But she had them filled with things I bet she hadn't looked at in decades.  My house is much smaller.  I have only lived here 3 years and it is cluttered.  My closets are full.  My basement is full.  My car sits out in the weather while junk sits in the garage.  Some were because of the work I did.  On line selling, you have boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, peanuts.  Never throw a box because it might someday be the perfect size.  Not to mention all the stuff you sell.  Its was in the house, and the garage, and the basement.  NO MORE.   I can get rid of it all.  Most will be sold at the auction.  What doesn't sell, Goodwill.  I am selling all my reference books also.  They take up a huge amount of room and most all of the information I can get on line these days.  So anyway.  I cleaned.

    We heard from the lawyer.  Snag time.  Seems BIL has to sign a paper agreeing to the sale at the price we agreed on.  We though since Rick was executor as long as it was a fair price he could sell it for what he wanted without BIL's final approval.     Thing is if BIL refuses to sign and wants more money, I told my son to just look for a different house.  Not to offer him him one more dime.  If he says he will sign if my son lets him stay there, walk away.  No bartering.  It is this price or no price.  And either way he is getting evicted by the lawyer, only thing is...if he hampers the sale in any way things will get very nasty for him.  The lawyer is then going to sue him.  So we wait and see.  I wish we would know for sure soon.  If he isn't getting this house everything will be sold at auction.  If he is staying, some of it stays.  I wish I knew which way it would go.

    Well, work tonight.  Hope things have settled down.  Just found out I missed a meeting.  With so much on my mind these days I forget things if I don't write them down.  And I forgot to write this down thinking I would remember.  I didn't.   Hope it doesn't cause any problems.  My boss is easy going but I have been bad about the meeting all year.

   Well.  Time to go make supper.   Another entry in As My World Turns. LOL.



jckfrstross said...

LOL as the world turns LOL have a good friday


cacklinrosie101 said...

That marble is really cool.  I love the hutch from your MIL's.  I think it will be perfect.  I hope your BIL doesn't start acting up but I tend to thin he will.  I sure wouldn't barter with him one bit.  LOL...keep the snow out west.  We had some over the weekend.  Chris

jimsulliv3 said...

I love the marble pics. Keep 'em coming ! Sounds like it's about time to take BIL on a hunting trip, but be careful, accidents happen (if you try hard enough).


coelha said...

I hope BIL will sign...  Gee...I end up with so many boxes from selling Avon--I wish I could send them all to you!  Take care - Julie :)