Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Ride and Betty's Quilt


  Bike riding tip number 1.   Never...and I mean never take months off without doing any sort of exercise and expect to ride like you used to.  Yikes.  I was sure I was having a heart attack a couple of times and we only went 7.6 miles.

         The weather felt warm until we were actually riding.  I was not dressed warm enough initially.  I needed a hat, gloves and something around my neck.  Fortunately.....well maybe not, being in such terrible shape I soon worked up a heck of a sweat. 

   Why is you always meet people on the trails when you are climbing an incline.  Gasping for breath and beet red in the face I breathlessly gasp out....to your left, and ring my bell.  What?, they ask, as my voice was barely above a whisper.  Left!, I wheeze and that is all I can manage.  With a look of alarm they leap to the side....visions of how to do the CPR they learned 10 years ago running through their brains.  I am always a vision when I ride.  Of what I can only imagine.  Being fair skinned it doesn't take much to turn me bright red.

      I am doomed I think.  Visions of climbing huge massive mountains in the black hills loom darkly before my eyes.  Why oh why did I slack off on my working out.  What was I thinking about?  Why did I let myself gain some weight back?

   Behind me Rick happily chatting away and asking me questions.  Questions.... as if I can truly spare the breath to gasp out a reply to him.  Reason number 856 why it doesn't bother me to steal the covers at night.   Darn man.

    Finally I get to the end of the trail.  Not the entire trail, just the first half.  I still have to go back.  I climb off my bike on wobbly legs which instantly want to cramp up on me.  Sadly I look at my speedometer to see we have only gone 3.3 miles.  How could this be.  How could I have slipped so far.

    I am happy to see, yes I am terrible, Rick sag to the curb and voice my sorrow.  Gee, I really let myself go this winter.

        Evilly this makes me happy.  I am not alone.  After all if he wasn't such a great cook I wouldn't be in this bad of shape to start with and strangely enough it give me the incentive I need.  OK I say, lets start back.  And it is time to start the gym again.  By this time I realize I will need more then riding to get back to the shape I was in.  I need to pump some iron and use that stupid treadmill.  But you know what?  I am pumped about it.  I contacted the place we are thinking of renting and made reservations.  At Forest Haven. I am not quitting.  I am going on a bike ride.  A great bike ride.

       So we rode back.  It wasn't easier, but for some reason that gave me the push I needed.  I vow to get it back.  I want to get it back.  We pulled up to the van and I felt great.  The first tiny step to going on our ride.

  Pulling up to the Lewis and Clark building where we had parked our van I even felt I could ride more.  But I am not pushing it.   7.6 miles today.  10 the next time, then 15 and so on and so on.

     Now for the Quilts.  I just don't think I can part with them.  Not some of them at least.  Let me show you one of her quilts.

       This one she quilted and needlepointed.  Have I mentioned she did that.

   But the part below is why I decided I can't part with it.  She is in this quilt.  Those are her initials.  This one stays.


venus905 said...

First time for me to comment on your blog.  I am 52 yrs old and would you believe I NEVER learned to ride a bike??  I'm from deep south Texas and it has been 40 in the morning and up to 90 during the day!  Sure wish I could ride a bike and shed some of these excess lbs.  I LOVE your pictures, all of them!
Estela in South TX

radar446 said...

I am so happy that you got a chance to go for a ride.  I'm sure with things being different this year, you will have the chance to build up your stamina and speed to much higher levels than you were at last year, or even the year before.  The body is a resiliant thing, and yours will be back in shape in no time.


madcobug said...

Glad that you and Rick got to go on the bike ride even though you had a time of it. That quilt is beautiful. Who needs a spread or comforter with a beauty like that. No telling how many hours of work she put into it. That is definately a keeper. Thanks for sharing all your pictures with us. Helen

jckfrstross said...

Bravo to you on both the ride and the quilts


springangel235 said...

Great job on the bike ride...wish I had your energy...pass me some!  LOL  Oh my, I loved seeing all the quilts...I couldn't part with any of them...have a great midweek...hugs and love,

kirkbyj05 said...

I once bought a sampler which had someone's name on it too.  It was of a fruit and flower garden with the wheelbarrow in it.  I couldn't understand why it came up for sale when so much work had gone into it, except that the lady must have died and it had been given away.  I bought it in a second hand market in Glasgow for £3.00/$6.00  The workmanship was wonderful!  I love it and often wonder what the embroiderer thought of as she worked away on it.  Like me she must have loved her garden.  I bought it in respect of all her hard work and time spent on it as well as for the exquisite craftmanship.  At least I can look after it and love it for her even though I assume she is no longer with us.
Betty's Quilts deserve such love and consideration.    Many, many hours of thoughts and intricate needlework have been sewn into them.  I admire her craftmanship and am so glad you won't part with them.  
Happiness you brought me today when I read of your bike ride, even though you ache to blazes!   Lol!   That means you are at the beginning of your adventure into 'Them Thar' Hills'.   Lol!
What a delight to see blue skies in your photos too.!
Smashing entry Julie.  Thanks for that.
Jeanie xx

cacklinrosie101 said...

Julie, it was winter, you were working FT, taking care of your dying MIL, plus middleaged.  I would think it would have been near to impossible to keep in shape for marathon biking.  You will get yourself back in shape.  That place in SD is awesome.  I would keep all your MIL's quilts.  You just don't see needlepoint and cross stitch done by hand anymore.  They are gorgeous.  Chris

lanurseprn said...

You've had a hell of a year, Julie! You never had time to exercise! It's still early in the year...you'll get it back.  I'm looking forward to your photos on your rides!

The quilts are GORGEOUS! I don't blame you for keeping them. I'd keep all of them!

jimsulliv3 said...

Good for you - keep at it. I'm not really out od shape, per se, but I haven't been on a bike in years. I shudder to even imagine a long trek. Great pic's.


rbrown6172 said...

i'm glad you are keeping the quilts.  it is a part of her.  :)  your pix are beautiful.  your bike looks like my electra townie....these are supposed to be better on the back...i just need to get consistent in riding mine!  lol