Thursday, March 6, 2008

I made it

  By the skin of my teeth and 30 minutes late, but I make it to my day off.  And it is sorely needed.   Most of the confused patients were gone and replaced by critical heart patients.  Very very sick heart patients.  Each one could have been in ICU.... but were on my floor.  We are not staffed like the ICU so it was a busy night.  Good thing is we only had one bed left so at least we couldn't get any admits.  2 of my patients particularly concerned me so I was checking on them and assessing them often during the night and adjusted medication where need be.  It seemed like the 13 hours went by in the blink of an eye.   I know they will be calling me to work tonight, but I am not.  I am taking a mineral bath and resting my wrist and soul.  Smelling the new flowers Rick got me.  Relaxing.

    I have no real plans for my week off.  It is cold out right now but supposed to get nicer at the end of the week.  I have to clean house and of course work at my MIL's. 

   Also I am behind on journals.  Ideally I could get out on my bike And take some photo's this week.  We shall see.  It is hard to get excited about taking pics when it is dirty old melting snow everywhere you look.

        And Monday I have my wonderful all day meeting on my day off.  The thrill, the excitement.  Who thinks up these things anyway and do they actually get paid for it?  I want that job.

    Well, according to the eagle site if the female is going to have babies this year she had better get busy.  Time is running out.  So keep your fingers crossed.  Maybe she still hasn't forgiven him for his fling with the young tart.  Understandable but.......we want eggs.  Kiss and makeup birds!

         Bye all.


springangel235 said...

Even if you have no real enjoy your day off....hugs,

madcobug said...

I hope you enjoy your day off. Sounds like you had a night where you were kept on your toes. Great pictures. OH, on the eagles Mama has been sitting some on the nest during the day but not long at a time. She was on it yesterday and daddy eagle was looking at her with an intense look with his head lowered trying to look under her. He watched her so long that she got uneasy I guess and she moved up out of the nest and walked to the side all the while watching him like she was afraid of him. She finally went back and sat back down for a while. Helen

cacklinrosie101 said...

I hope you enjoy your week off or 6 days anyway.  It doesn't seem right that your all day meeting is used as a vacation day.  We would get a comp day off on another day if that happened where I work  I just checked the eagle cam.  He sure doesn't look like he's back in good graces again at all.  Chris

rbrown6172 said...

i bet you were ready to be off after last night.  i watched the eagle cam a bit this morning.  i'm really glad you shared that link.  speaking of that deer going for a kiss or a bite??  lol

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


coelha said...

I admire nurses..  I don't think I could do it. Take care and enjoy your time away from work!  :)  Julie

inquestoftruth said...

You do get paid for that meeting, don't you?    Even so, that wouldn't be worth it to me....
I'm really behind on my journal reading too....I stay that way.