Tuesday, March 4, 2008


           I had a nice day off.  Mostly slept and played catch up but thats OK.   I feel refreshed and ready for the last 2 nights of work.  It was a busy weekend.

          Checked the eagle cam this morning. It was down for awhile but is up again and the female is sitting on the nest.  I don't know if there is a egg or not but it is a good sign.  Now if he can just control his wanderlust.  Eagles!

       I am getting new glasses.  Radically different from what I have now and now I am nervous about it.  What seemed like a good idea at the time may have been a mistake.  I have a hard time changing what I know I like, same hair, same shoes, same uniforms, same glasses.  So I hope I haven't made an expensive mistake.

      Spring is slow coming to Iowa.  They are talking more snow.  We just melted it away the last few days and my road is just starting to dry up and now more snow.  Yuk.  I want to hit the trails.  I want to take pictures of something besides snow and mud.  Soon I know but I am impatient.

     Today we are going to do a few things at my MIL's.  BIL is still there.  He has made no attempt to leave as he has been sick, so he says.  I am counting down the days until the auction man comes to get everything accounted for.  13 days give or take.  Running out of time.

      We sold the oak table and buffet to a relative and theypicked it up Saturday.  It is hard to watch some the these items leave.  At least they will stay in the family.  I have the freezer listed and hope to get the fridge emptied and ready soon.  This whole thing has been depressing and emotionally exhausting.  With the added stress of my BIL it has been a bad year so I am looking forward to it being over.

      Monday I have to spend 8 hours in a meeting.  Now I don't mind a meeting where I have to learn a new procedure for work, but this is one of those meeting where you have to learn to be polite and have manners. I have manners and am polite.  I got a nice award remember! 

   Someone who has never worked on the floor and has convinced other people who never work on a busy  hospital floor that we all have so have classes to learn to get along.  Say what!  On my day off they are going to make me sit all day in a class to learn what we all do anyway.  Who thinks up these things?  Sheesh.  If your going to make me waste a day off I want it to be constructive, not this ridiculous stuff.  You walk out of these meetings, toss the paper work in the first waste can you can find and promptly forget it, glad to have it done with and full of resentment for them wasting your day off.  And worse yet I hear it is very boring.  8 hours of sheer boredom.

        Anyway, enough of my whining.  Time to get ready to go.  I work tonight so don't have to much time to waste.  And my house is really in need of cleaning.  Bye all.


madcobug said...

Have a nice day off. I believe a graphic somewhere may be to large as your journal is really wide from my viewpoint. Helen

sharonna1955 said...


cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...we have those sort of getting along classes quite frequently.  I was just looking at the Eagle Cam.  I didn't see the female sitting.  I did see one fly by really fast.  I'm glad it's up an running again and hope there are some eggs.  I bet your glasses look really nice.  I never used to like to change but now I do.  I let my girls pick out my frames.  Chris

candlejmr said...

You HAVE had a rough year....and you ARE nice and polite and don't need a class!!! (lol)  What you NEED is a break!!! (LOL)  Hope you get one real soon!!


erarein63 said...

I hate meetings, specially long ones!  Ugh.  You have had a rough year. I hope it will get better soon with the auction and kicking BIL to the curb.  Hang in there!  De ;)

lanurseprn said...

I really do NOT miss those stupid classes the hospitals made us take. The one that got me was the one about "Ethics" we had to take each year. We were forced to take it as part of a settlement because the big company that owned the hospital was caught overcharging Medicare. So WE had to pay! Sheesh!
Good luck with the auction.