Monday, March 31, 2008

April Showers, early

         Snow on Easter, Rain today.  Always keeps you guessing.

     Well the first 4 nights are done.  Thank goodness.  I did have a great group of patients and they were fun to get to know and help recover.  Makes for a good night.  I have been doing the stairs everynight during my break.  8 flights up and down.  Working on my bike legs.  I tell ya the ole heart is getting some major pumping action going on.

        Yesterday my husband brought the papers to my BIL for him to sign agreeing to the sale of the house.  As feared he refused to sign them.  Blamed it on a typo.  Just delaying.  I said, well... I guess I will tell Dan to go ahead and buy the other house.  But, but,  he sputtered.....  I just walked away. Sick of his games.  Today Rick gets to call the lawyer and tell him the news.  I can just hear his reaction.  He is going to be furious.  The Sheriff is suppose to bring the eviction papers over today or tomorrow.  Should be interesting.

     I have to see the eye doctor today and get my eyes dilated to finish the exam.  Otherwise I plan on being very lazy and watching a movie.  To rainy to do anything else.  Soon we will have spring flowers.


slapinions said...

Rain here too. Good luck with the efforts to take the stairs at work, and with the house sale.


kirkbyj05 said...

Roll on the Sherriff coming!
And well done you to be running up and down so many flights of stairs.  I would be getting carried out of work in a 'box' if I did that!   Lol!
Its enough I have two flights in my home. do have a very good reason for doing it.  Your bike rides in the Black Hills of Dakota.   I can't help singing the words to the Doris Day song when I think of your holiday.   Lol!
We have spring here in the Lakes.   I am charing up my camera batteries as I sit.  Hope to find some nice bright flowers to grace my journal entry soon.
Hugs to you... and good luck to your son with buying the house.
Not long now Julie.
Jeanie xxx

madcobug said...

Sounds like your legs are getting a good workout. I hope things soon gets settled with the BIL. He is one stubborn critter, just going to wait to be evicted out.
I hope the rain is melting all that snow you have around. It is cloudy and cold here as the the wind is blowing. Those flowers are beautiful. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

the flowers are lovely!    
I guess BIL doesn't have a clue about the eviction, does he?   How did BIL spot a typo anyway?   I mean, he really doesn't seem too bright, but that could just be me being judgemental.
Keep us posted after the eviction notice.  I expect he's going to be furious, so I don't want to worry that he got violent.

nhd106 said...

Yup...we got rain.   But I'll tell ya, the birds and ducks are having a field day!  (and i'm snapping away!)
Gorgeous flowers you shot there...


lanurseprn said...

Good luck with BIL. I knew he'd be a problem.

nightmaremom said...

great shots!  Sorry to hear about BIL...  I do hope things work out

jimsulliv3 said...

You always have great flower pics. My flower portfolio is almost complete. Keep Planting !