Thursday, March 13, 2008

Betty's quilts

  Zoey wouldn't get off the bed so I could take this picture.  This quilt fits my bed perfectly and is her oldest.  I am keeping this one.

    This small twin size one I will probably sell at the auction

   I love the one below but will probably sell it also.  I can't keep them all.   My BIL would have a cow.

   This one below I will also sell at the auction unless BIL wants it for his son.  The 2 pictures are front and back


           Another of my favorites she did.  I love the needle work.  It is a smaller quilt also.  I want to keep it but haven't decided.  It would be very hard to part with

            The quilt below she made me for Christmas about 10 years ago.  I love it.

        Patchwork quilt.  This one is a smallone and I will probably sell it.

         We both made one of these quilts with the nylon inside each square.  I never finished mine as it got hard to find nylons.  Keeping this one also

  Another small quilt which would look so cute on a little girls bed.  I am selling this one.

     I am saving this one for Mackenzie when she grows up.  She loves lavender and pink.

       I remember my MIL having a heck of time when she made the one below.  She said it was harder then it looked.  I took her word for it.  I will probably sell this one also.


madcobug said...

Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us. Makes me wonder just how many hours she spent peiceing and then quilting them.  Helen

coelha said...

They are adorable!  Beautiful...I don't know how you can part with those!  Julie

maryajacobs5 said...

I just wish I had been able to see the pictures of the quilts.  I still have the one my grandmother made which must be now around 70 - 80 years old, and just so full of memories


inquestoftruth said...

Wow!   She was very good at that....I like quilts.

blazensun said...

Wow............... they are beautiful. Love the Sunnbonnet Sue one. If you sell it let me know.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, they are simply gorgeous.  Why do you have to sell them?  Why would BIL have a fit?  It seems a shame to lose them from your family.  Chris

jckfrstross said...

i wouldn't be able to sell any of them


kirkbyj05 said...

My favourites, apart from your choices, are the one with the Seasons on it and the pink little girl's cover.
I really wish you were able to keep them all.  I have no idea how much money they would accrue for BIL but surely family memories are sewn into every one of them and they should be kept for handing down.  What a shame!  How and where will they be auctioned?  will you put them on EBay?
Zoey looks snuggly and comfortable where she is by the!
Jeanie  xxxx

xxroxymamaxx said...

Wow, these are all gorgeous and so detailed!!  I wish I knew how to quilt.  I'm just learning how to knit.  Big hugs Julie!!  And have a great weekend!! Love, Shelly

springangel235 said...

Oh wow....they are ALL beautiful...including Zoey!!  LOL  Loved the photos...enjoy your weekend...hugs and love,