Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Eagle has Laid


Just when I had just about given up hope the mother eagle laid another egg.   Lets hope nothing happens this time because this is it for this year.  I am excited.

   Hurt my back yesterday slip sliding on mud so missed work last night so I could try to get it back in shape.  I will probably try to work Easter to make up for it.

     Rick is out visiting the lawyer letting him know whats going on.  Our big battle is still getting my BIL out of the house.  When he finds out my son has bought it he will be even harder to move so we will let the lawyer go ahead with the eviction proceedings.  It makes me mad he is forcing my husband to do this.  Why doesn't he just move.  It is creating so much stress.  Soon he will have enough money that won't be an excuse, but I bet he still won't leave.  Sigh.

    Anyway.  The sun is shining outside and looks great.  Yesterday my neighbors chickens got loose and they sat in my yard and crowed.  Makes me miss my chickens.

          Well, about the pictures today.  They are not mine first of all.   They were sent to me.  This little baby deer was watched over by the horses until its mother came to claim it.  It looks so tiny by those horses feet but they were very careful not to step on their tiny visitor.  Isn't it sweet!



kirkbyj05 said...

I just love your photos today!
As  for BIL I knew he would dig his heels in.    Eviction is the only answer.

I nearly put my back out a few times just lately whilst out walking on the wet fields.  I am so lucky!
I hope yours soon gets back to normal again.   I would hate for you to have to go to work, bad back or not.
It doesn't seem like Easter to me as it is so early in the year this time.
Will take a look at your Eagle Cam later.
Jeanie xxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

Boy, I sure hope it isn't too messy for with your BIL.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  LOL...looks like mama eagle was forgiving.  I love watching the Eagle Cam.  That deer is a teeny wee one.  Hope you feel better.  Chris

springangel235 said...

Yes, I read the entry  before where your son was approved to buy the house, wonderful news.  You would think your BIL would move out...well, soon he will have no choice!
Hugs and love,


rbrown6172 said...

a real shame about bil....i know this hard on you and rick.  i like the pix....that was going to be my 1st question...did you take them??  lol

daddyleer said...

That's great news for your son and that you all can keep the house 'in the family'. Frustrating about your brother-in-law, I went through identical 'occupancy' problems with my brother when settling my parent's estate. Fortunately I did not have to go to legal eviction, I just handed him the yearly tax bill when it came (the house was paid off), he moved out the next day. <grin>

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

carrotlife said...

Julie- i just LOVE today's pictures! i do hope your back gets feeling better soon, and that BIL of yours get's his butt out. i am still so happy about your son buying the house :)

linnpooh said...

I'm so sorry your back is hurting Julie, I hope it heals quickly. I loved the pictures from today, that is the sweetest thing's really a miracle to see that tiney thing being taken care of by horses, just precious.

I'm sorry for Rick about the eviction, but I agree it is probably the only way....what a shame. Hope it ends for you soon.

Pooh Hugs,

jimsulliv3 said...

I've seen those pics before and I love them... hope Mama eagle does well.


blazensun said...

Julie I live the pictures for today I am going to snag them if you don't mind. I hope your back gets better soon. Is BIL moving out of the house soon?

Take care.