Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Hutch

  I went to my MIL's today and got the hutch.  I got rid of my desk which I did really like but wasn't practical and replaced it with her hutch which hold more of my pretty things.  Someone asked me where I keep my marbles.....well some of them will be here now.

      It fits perfect in the kitchen where my desk was.  I can keep some of my kitchen items in there.  The bad thing is now where do I keep the things I kept in my desk like stationary, stamps, labels, pens, stapler, tape, paper clips, ink, blah blah blah.   maybe I should get rid of all those things.   Some of the plates were my MIL's, some were some I collected,  the beautiful orange pitcher Rick gave me for my birthday a few years back, my new chickens, my wonderful dog statue.  Things I like.  So what do you think?  Perfect for my house.

    I asked BIL if he had found a place to live yet and suggested the Y.  Can single people stay there anymore?  I did tell him they won't sell the house with him in it.  That ticked him off but I would hate for him to be out of loop and wantto keep a dialog going with him.  Thats my BIL speak by the way.   Lets dialog, in the loop, irons on the fire, all means delay delay delay, Spoken by someone who has had lots of therapies in the past. LOL.  Anyway, got lots done today.  Work tomorrow.  Fun fun.

    I made Zoey some peanut butter biscuits the other day.  Really easy and lots cheaper then store bought.  Take care all.


linnpooh said...

The hutch is gorgeous Julie, and so is everything on it.....WOW!!!! I don't know which things I like the best, they are all so pretty. I'm a sucker for dishes, so I love the plates and the dog statue is really awesome. Just beautiful! I love your BIL speak....sad, but funny :) He just needs to get on with it and move already...geeze!

Hope work goes well tomorrow :)

Pooh Hugs,

lanurseprn said...

I love your new hutch. I wouldn't want to change a thing about it. But, I know you have to. It's gonna be tough!
Good luck with Bil.

idlethoughts4me said...

I love your journal, Julie.  I was looking at different journals, because I wanted to start one.  I did -- JustTreadingWater.  I got hooked on reading your journal.  I love your hutch and the pretty things on it, by the way.  Good luck with your BIL.  What a piece of work he is.  


jckfrstross said...

the Hutch is BEAUTIFUL!!! love every thing on it. As for BIL he needs to get out and grow up!!!


ukgal36 said...

I'm glad you haven't lost your marbles...:-P

rbrown6172 said...

i'm glad you are getting the hutch and will be displaying your beautiful pieces for all to enjoy.  i'm sorry you are still having so much trouble with bil...does he know your son has bought the house yet??

springangel235 said...

The hutch is so pretty.  Hope things work out for your BIL to find a place soon!
Hugs and love,