Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine

          And it is suppose to be a good morning in Iowa.  Heat wave so to speak with temps in the 40's.   I slept late today, until 10 because it would have been 9.  We remembered to turn the clocks ahead.  My husband was complaining the entire time about daylights savings time and what a terrible thing it is and I am secretly, well maybe not so secretly, rejoicing because I love the longer days.  I know, I know, they aren't really longer..... but more daylight hours are a good thing.


         It is 6 months until my bike trip.  It will take me 6 months to get my bike legs back so I am picking a day to start my training.  Training day! Officially the 20th of this month.

     I figure I will do like when you quit smoking.  Circle it on the calendar and make the mental preparation to get it done.   Now the 20th of this month will be 6 months exactly.  Sounds like a good day to start.  Not that I can't do some riding if the weather permits.  And it sounds like tomorrow would have been a great day.  Except I will stuck in doors the entire day at that stupid class I have to take.  AARRRGGGHHHH.  But Tuesday should be good.  I have my bike ready.

       You know sometimes a potty is a hard thing to find on the trails.  But we are so looking forward to it again.

         Today I am bringing back all the things to my MIL's I didn't sell except the silver.  We decided I am not selling her good silver at the auction and let someone walk away with it for $40.00.  It is worth a lot more even melted down.  Then I am bringing the hutch back here and my desk over there.  The auction is a month away yet but they have to make a list of everything.

         It seems weird to not have my shop anymore.  It gets in your blood.  I do like not having to pack anything.  Eventually I will do some ebay sells but for now it is a good thing.  I have to find a way to pay for my marble habit, LOL.  Anyone have any they want to part with?

      Well, I have to get busy.   The days go by so fast.  Shower here I come.  Everyone enjoy their day.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Enjoy that heat wave, Julie.  We are expecting one in a couple of days.  LOL at the bike with the potty.  Have a good Sunday.  Chris

madcobug said...

We had a cold day yesterday not getting out of the 40's, today is suppose to get in the 50's here. helen

lanurseprn said...

That bike with the potty cracked me up!! TOO funny! That's one way to keep on going if you are on a long ride, huh?
Good luck on your training. You'll feel GREAT in just a few weeks. Let us know how you are doing with it.

chaoticbeauty34 said...

Good luck with your marathon, and training. How long is the marathon going to be? The picture of the bike with the tiolet was very funny. Enjoy the warmer weather.

Best Wishes,