Friday, February 15, 2008

Thanks everyone


      For voting for Zoey.  She has been dumpy lately and has us worried.  She is also off her food a bit.  Not like this food loving dog.  We found 4 new lumps on her and I am hoping they are just cysts again, but with the way she has been acting we are worried.  About the time I think I am calling the vet though she will jump up and do something silly or beg to go on a car ride.  Maybe it is just because her 9th birthday is coming soon.  hummmm.  She is getting up there in years.  Anyway tell everyone to vote for her.  They are giving away lots of prizes and if anyone else enters let me know so I can vote for your pet.

      Work was simply brutal last night.  No slow down time at all and I got out late.  My back was in agony.  Man I hope it is not like this all weekend as I definitely feel it in my bones.  I will be bedridden again if this keeps up.

     Rick has supper bubbling on the stove.  Smells so good.  My eating has been terrible lately so I have taken to going to the bike trail site and looking at the elevations I will be riding up.  Maybe that will motivate me more.  I do not want to drag all this weight up that mountain.  I have a goal.  I need to keep focused on it.

    We are hopefully going to move the auction up.  I checked back in my journal and the weather is good enough most times next month to do it.   Rick keeps dragging his feet because he doesn't want to deal with his brother.  So the lawyer is going to do it.  Giggle.  They are giving him 2 weeks to either move or start paying all the bills at the house out of his pocket.  Since his pocket is petty shallow that won't go.  Rick went and talked to the lawyer about pressuring him and it turns out it is the probate courts.  They get nervous when someone just stays on and on like my BIL living off the proceedings of the estate.
     I told Rick if he moves the estate sell up I promise to work my butt off every day with him to get it ready.  With him of course.  I am not doing it alone.  It would be so much better is my BIL wasn't there as he does scare me and creeps me out big time.  Lately since he has gone through most of his money he is there more.  It used to be I could work there all morning and as long as I was gone by one I didn't have to see him.  Not now.

         Coming home from work today we saw the prettiest thing.  There was a rainbow around the sun from the ice crystals in the air.  Sure wish I had had my camera.   Anyway we were driving fright at it and I told Rick to drive to the end of the rainbow so we could get the pot of gold.  And you know what?  We actually got to the end of the rainbow.  All of a sudden you could see all these millions of ice crystals floating away, each with a bit of rainbow in them and it just dissolved right in front of us.  Right over our head.  We both looked out the car windows, but that pot of gold things turns out to be another urban legend darn it.  But it was beautiful.  Never never had gotten to the end of a rainbow in my life.  Probably will never happen again.  Even as tired as I was I was moved by the magic of it all.


      Well, I have to go put my face on and get the table ready for supper.   Happy weekend all and don't forget to send all your friends over to vote for Zoey.  She really does deserve it because she is soooooo sweet.



madcobug said...

Sounds like that rainbow was beautiful. I sure hope Zoey will be ok and also hope your back will not get you down. Have you checked out the eagle cam lately? Intruders have broken up the nest in the form of other eagles. Details in a couple of places on the right side of the cam.  I don't believe the female on the eggs in the resident one because she has been leaving it most of the day for the last two days. Helen

lanurseprn said...

What a sight to behold!! Wow I wish I'd seen it with you. Like magic, isn't it?
Good luck on the house and BIL. It'll all work out eventually.

blazensun said...

Moving the sell up might be a good thing. That way your BIL is not living off the estate.

Hugs to you Sunny

rbrown6172 said...

i was so impressed with the rainbow pic...then read you didn't have your camera.  lol  the pic is still impressive...but i wish it was yours.  keeping my fingers crossed for zoey...for the contest and health.  hope work goes better for you the rest of the week.

linnpooh said...

What a beautiful looks like an arch into heaven.

I'll be praying for sweet Zoey.

Pooh Hugs,

springangel235 said...

I hope you can get the estate issues behind you....
It did sound like a rough time at work for you...hope it slows down.
I bet that rainbow was pretty for sure....sure sounded like it was.  
Hope you have a beautiful weekend...hugs and love,

cacklinrosie101 said...

That rainbow is awesome!  I don't think I ever saw one quite like that.  I'll keep your Zoey in my prayers.  I see Grizzly at 11 looking like an old man.  Hope she wins something.  And hope you start to feel better.  Chris

inquestoftruth said...

WOW!  I would love to see the end of a rainbow, gold or no gold.    I know you and Rick will be so glad to get to the point you can wash your hands of BIL for good.   Hopefully for him, he changes...and finds God.