Saturday, February 9, 2008

Minding my own business

      Doing some shopping and wham.   Pain down my butt and leg like I could not believe.  Absolutely froze me in my spot.  

     Out of no where.  Not doing any lifting...just walking along minding my own business.  Now is that fair I ask you?  So I am standing right in the middle of the isle waiting for the spasm to go so I could move.  People pushing and throwing me angry looks, Rick glancing back and because he knows me so well he knows exactly what is wrong.  Weird because I haven't had this type of back pain for awhile.  Lately its just been between my shoulder blades and while it hurts it doesn't stop me from moving like this sciatica pain does.  If you have never had it try imagining a knive stuck in your lower back so that everytime you make a move, it moves.  Well I have never actually had that happen either but I imagine it would feel like this, LOL.  Just guessing here...don't need to find out for sure ever.

    When I first broke my back I had this type of pain for over 2 years.  Now it just comes and goes, but not that often and usually just like this, without any kind of warning or anything I can point a finger at and say, wow, I am never doing that again.

    So off to urgent care where they gave me a shot in the butt, ouch, some pain meds and muscle relaxers and sympathy and here I sit hours later, drugged up and groggy and waiting for the pain med to kick in again.

   So might as well do an entry and waste some time.  Please ignore any typos or weird thoughts as I hate being on muscle relaxants, they relax my brain as well.  I am just grateful I don't have to work and grateful they have stuff to make me feel better.  I try not to resort to prescription pain meds often since my pain is going to be life long and I don't want to have another problem like drug addiction added to my back problems and weight problems.  But when the pain gets like this..... bring it on baby!

   So...... Watched a great movie.  Dreams.  Subtitles and the visual images were beautiful. I recommend it for the shear beauty.  Then I  paced and packed in between spasms.  My sales did have some good bids on a few, but the rest were a disappointment.   I didn't get to the auction I wanted to go to today either, but I did get my granddaughters package today and I received my first email ever from her that she typed herself.  They are so smart in first grade already.  I told her to write me one so I could put it in my granddaughter book.  I have one for her and Gabe.   Now that she can email we should have great fun.

   Well, this is becoming increasing more difficult meaning the medication is starting to work.  Weird disjointed dreams here I come.  Hopefully tomorrow I wake up all better.  Dream a little dream of me.



madcobug said...

I am so sorry Julie, I hope this pain lets up soon. I have had severe pain like this for the last three weeks. It finally is some better. I can't tolerate pain meds. Would you belive the Dr gave me some this go round and said take 1/2 to 1 at bedtime. I took 1/2 each night. Wham the second half of the first pill the itching all over set in. Benadryl tablet here I went. Sending up prayers for you. Hugs, Helen

radar446 said...

Ouch....this doesn't sound fun at all.  I hope the meds help you out, and let you sleep.  I really hope that today finds you feeling better and the knife has been removed from your back.  Never knew you broke you back before.  What happened?  Love the picture in this entry.  Wonderful use of lines in your composition.


ukgal36 said...

hope it's eased up some by the pic of the barn...

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad you are feeling better now. That pain sounds awful!!

springangel235 said...

I hope today is a better day..and no sounded awful...feel better...hugs,

cacklinrosie101 said...

I didn't realize you had broken your back.  I've heard that sciatica is almost a crippling type of pain.  Sheesh...I sure hope you get this under control soon.  Chris

coelha said...

OUCH!!  I'm so sorry--the pain sounds terrible!  I hope you are feeling better soon-take care - Julie

linnpooh said...

{{{Julie}}}}  Bless your heart.....I'm glad it's better now, even if just a little. Prayers coming your way.

Pooh Hugs,

nhd106 said...

Sure hope you feel better, Julie.   Great pic too!!


inquestoftruth said...

Well, I hate to hear this....back/neck or leg pain can ruin your day, I know!
I love that last shot...and I sure hope you're feeling much better.