Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last day until my week off


    I am extremely happy about it also.  What do I love about my job?  My week off, LOL.   We have been soooo busy at work that the week off is my salvation.  Let the good time roll.

   Actually don't know how good the times will be.  We moved up the auction 3 weeks so now is the time to get down and really get it ready.  I don't think Rick has been there since the day he did the clothes.  Time to get those to the charity and send the furniture to the relatives who are getting them.

    Back and forth back and forth.  My son is not buying the house.  We talked to the bank.  Boy I must be living in the dark ages.  They will lend him the money without a blink since his credit is so good.  But his payments would be 697 a month.  For 30 years. He would be paying back 250,920.00 by 30 years.  Borrow 80,000 and pay back 170,920.00 interest.   I really never paid any attention when I borrowed money for my house what the payback was.  I always pay things off early but not that early.

     I was shocked at that.  One thing I have decided is to double up my house payments.  Even one extra house payment a year can knock off a couple of years worth of payment.  If I pay 100 extra each month which goes strickly to the principle I can have my house paid off in 7 years.  I told my son if he took the rent he got from his friend and put it directly on the interest he could knock off years also, but the figures scared him away.  There is a house a couple of houses away, smaller and completely remodeled that is more in his price range with cheaper taxes.  And I don't want him stuck with some big house repair bill.  Don't want to feel guilty, you know.

    I am actually fine with this.  My MIL's house will have to be remodeled.  The bathrooms are right out of the 60's and the kitchen made it into the late 70's but still, the 3 most expensive rooms.  Don't want my son getting a money pit.  I do think it will sell fairly soon though.  Great location and someone will buy it.  And we might get more then we were asking from him.  We will have to pay Realtor costs though.

    We are having our last blast of freezing cold weather.  Severe cold weather conditions the weather man calls it. Watch out for frostbite.  Since my working days are spent indoors mostly I can live with it and it won't last long.  Because.

    Spring is around the corner.  Can't you just smell the flowers!  Just a few more weeks.


     Well my house looks I have neglected it for a week, and I have!  I think I will run the vacuum and dust a little before work.  Bye all



inquestoftruth said...

House payments (interest, that is) is crazy.   I am a notary signing agent (I get all the papers signed and notarized for the lender and title company).    Those truth in lending forms are just plain scary.
I hope everything goes smooth with the auction, and maybe life can get back to normal for you and Rick.

jimsulliv3 said...

A week off sounds good. Enjoy !


lanurseprn said...

I can't believe how much interest they charge for a mortgage. It's discusting! No wonder there are so many foreclosures now.
Hope you enjoy your week off. I know you will!

kirkbyj05 said...

A week off for you to get busy organising the final run down.
What a shame about your son not buying Betty's house but its too big a commitment to pay out that sort of money until he owns it.
We paid our house off quicker to offset all that interest we would have had to pay over the years.  What a relief to own it outright now. That was an awful interest repayment for him to deal with and it was wise not to become involved.  One day he will have a family, God willing, and his money will be eaten into even more then.  Nope....too scary.
Try and have a break for yourself and don't just dive into everything at Betty's.  Delegate...Delegate..Delegate.  Lol!

Jeanie xxxxxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

Have a great week off, Julie!  Your son made a wise decision.  No sense saddling himself with something that he will need to feed money into.  What do they say..houe rich; money poor.  Take some time for yourself this week...Chris

springangel235 said...

Wise decision on your son's part....
Have a great end to your week...hugs,

rbrown6172 said...

:)  i think that what most of us love about our jobs is our check and off time.  lol  i know i do!  glad your son considers all angles before jumping into things.  it would've been nice had it worked out that the house stayed in the family, but it sounds like everyone is ok with the decision.  thats good.  :)  love the daisy' pretty.  hurry spring!!!

linnpooh said...

Enjoy your time off Julie! Wow about the interest on the house...I think you son was very wise :)

Pooh Hugs,

rdautumnsage said...

We discovered that about our house. It's a small house our intitial cost was a mere 35,000. Yes, it was a bargain for a two story , 2 bedroom house. Never mind all the work we had to do and still do on it. But the interest rates are out the door....4 times more than the house will ever be worth even with upgrades. So that's our goal as well to pay our house off as soon as possible.

I don't blame your son for not wanting to pay that kind of expenditure. I think the house will sell itself quickly. Try to take a little "me" time with your week off hon. (Hugs) Indigo