Monday, February 25, 2008

Sloppy wet mess


          On top the huge mess of melting snow from yesterday we're adding rain and then snow today.  Big wet sloppy snow flakes.  I live on a muddy swamp right now.  Taking the dog out is bad.  I have to wash her feet every time she comes in as she finds the muddiest sloppiest place to dart to before I can stop her.  And it is slick. 

    We had a ton of running around to do, but the roads have gotten bad enough we are waiting until tomorrow.  I did manage to get my hair highlighted though before it got really bad.  Some things are worth risking your life over, right!

      Ever been to Carhenge

       Wish I was there right now.....or here

         I remember driving along the road on the upper peninsula of Michigan.   So beautiful and someday we are renting a house on the lake and spending a week.  Wouldn't this be lovely to watch each night?

    Can you tell I am sick of the weather.  Yesterday it was warm and we took the dog for a walk along the river, today stopped by the snow.  Time to cuddle with my new book and drink some warm tea.  But I don't feel like it.  I want to ride my bike.

   There is a path or 2 calling my name.

        My porch wants flowers on it again.

    I want to sit outside again.

      And smell these again.

    Well my goodness.  Hasn't this turned into a whiny post.

    And here most of you poor people had to work today.  Sorry about that.  It will get better.  Spring is around the corner.  And Tomorrow is another day.


madcobug said...

Sounds like some really messy weather where you live. Your pictures are great though. I like maxine. Helen

carolelainedodd said...

Hope your weather improves soon.
Love your photos.  Car Hedge looks very strange.
I have to say your bike saddle looks much comfier than mine.!!!!
Have a great week.

ladeeoftheworld said...

Indiana is a big sloppy mess too.  Funny you would talk about your bike.  Just last eve I was standing in my dark, frigid, damp garage gently caressing the hot pink fenders of my beach bike (old-lady-bike to most of

lanurseprn said...

It's sunny and cool here. Great bike riding weather! Why don't you come for a visit?

radar446 said...

Well, for what its worth, winter is coming to a close.  Spring will be upon us very soon, and what you are able to remember only by pictures will once again be alive and well outside your front door.  Just hang on a little bit longer.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Your photo's certainly make me yearn for green grass, flowers and warmth.  We are having the same weather as you.  I've heard that the upper peninsula of Michigan is stunning.  It sure does look beautiful.  Chris

linnpooh said...

Loved your pictures Julie, and they made me yern for spring. It is right around the corner though, we just have to be patient a little longer :)

Pooh Hugs,

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


kirkbyj05 said...

I love the smell of allysum on a summer evening.  I always plant it in my front wall and tubs too.  Its so heady!
It was lovely seeing your flower tubs and where you sit out too.  Its nice to imagine you there soon when the weather changes to Spring.  Its not far off now.  Hang on in there and who knows there might be a bike ride or two in some of those milder days to come.
Hugs to you for now
Jeanie xxx