Saturday, February 16, 2008



     Hi everyone.  Work was much better yesterday.  Less hectic and even though I still got out late it wasn't as hard on my back.   2 more nights to go.  If I make it the 2 nights and I should, it will the first full paycheck I have had for awhile.  Of course not all the time was I calling in sick, the census was low and I stayed home because of that.  So this will be nice.

   I want to share a site.  This is how I do my eating these days.  I do not diet per sec anymore as I wasn't very good at it.  I do portion control as I have always had problems with that.   I loosely keep track of my calories unless I am getting out of control but mostly I use this site tips.  The New American Plate.

    You just eye you portions.  It tells you how much of a plate the meat should fill up, how much the veggie etc...   Anyway.  great tips there, check it out.  And I am down 7 pounds.  Slow but steady.  Keep picturing those hills Julie.

      Rick gave me some lovely flowers for Valentines Day.  I haven't gotten flowers on this day for decades.

          I am really proud of hubby.  He spent all day working at his Mom's.  This is hard for him.  It has only been 2 months.  He packed up more clothes and keeps remembering times when she wore this outfit or that outfit.  I told him it doesn't have to be sad, make them special memories.  We are definitely moving the auction up so it needs to get done.

     I heard my grandbabies might be coming in June.  I am excited but afraid it will be my week I am working.  I can't get time off then as another nurse is already off the first half of the month.  Hopefully I will have some say in the date.  Then its hug time for gramma.

        Take care.  Check out the drama on the eagle site. 



madcobug said...

Your flowers are beautiful. To bad you might have to work when the grandchildren are coming. I hope your back holds out to work a full week. I am just heartsick about the Eagles. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

The flowers are beautiful!!   Job very well done for Rick.
I'm going to check out this site a little better.   at first glance, it looks very interesting.   Thanks for sharing it.

lanurseprn said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Good job!
Love your flowers. That was a nice gift. Have a good week.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, Julie, that's great on the weight loss.  I need to check out that site and your baby eagles.  Love the flowers Rick got pretty.  Chris

linnpooh said...

I'm so glad that Rick got you flowers....and they are so beautiful!! Congratulations on the weight loss, that is awesome and you should be very proud of yourself. Thanks for the web site....I'm going to check it out :)

Hope the Grandbabies exciting for you!!

Pooh Hugs,

frankandmary said...

I tend to buy things in very small paks, 3 or 4oz & at times others will notice & tell me the larger food items are so much cheaper.  Perhaps, but these single size things help greatly with control.  I found when I made a whole can of tuna(before I had a cat lol) I slowly ate it, but if I make tuna salad with a 3oz pak, I'm done. ~Mary

kirkbyj05 said...

I liked the link you gave us to follow Julie.  I agree with this sensible approach to dieting also.

Down 7lbs!  Wonderful...I must make a start on my diet soon.  
I want you to loose that weight too so that you will enjoy them thar 'HILLS'.  
I'm selfish as I want to see the photos you take en-route.
What a lovely surprise for you from Rick.  What a wonderful way of letting you know how much you are loved.
I'm so glad he is becoming more involved with sorting out his mum's belongings.
Not long now and it will all be behind you both.
It must be very hard to sort out and then let go.
Hope you get the dates in synch with your grandchildren.  That would be too cruel for you to miss out on.
Jeanie   xxxxxx