Jackson, MS— Mississippi state representative John Read, admitted he never expected this bill to pass. But he did introduce it to the legislature. He wants to ban restaurants from serving food to obese people.

Rep. Read said he merely wanted to bring attention to, what he calls, the number-1 problem in his state. He may be part of the problem. Read stands 5-feet-11-inches and weighs 230 pounds.

A study released last year, reported that 30 percent of adults in Mississippi are obese. The head of the House Public Health Committee said, he will shred the bill.

            OK, here is one of our elected idiots, submitting a bill he doesn't think has a rats ass chance in hell of passing, but he submits it anyway, at OUR  TAX PAYERS EXPENSE.

          So who will decide who is so obese they can't eat at the restaurant's?  Will it be the surgeon general?    The center for disease control?  The American Heart Association?

      Maybe each restaurant will will have a door that only fits certain sized people.   Like at Disney on their you have to be this tall line.   If you can't fit through the door your too fat to eat here.   Will it be up to each restaurant?  We have doctors that swear if your 2 pounds overweight your morbidly obese and should be shot.  Will they make you step on a scale before you enter and measure your body fat?

     This is the beginning of the communistic society that this country is rapidly becoming.  The government says you can't smoke here, you can't smoke there.   The government says you can only be insured and get covering if you weight this much.  Your hearts bad?  Well sucker if you weren't soooooo fat your heart wouldn't be in such terrible shape so suffer sucker, suffer.

      How long are we going to sit back and watch this type of crap continue.   Does anyone remember why this country has the laws it has and does anyone remember why we were the greatest country in this world, sorry just my opinion.... it was back when each persons opinion mattered and we actually had a vote. Time to be an anarchist.

     So if this bothers you like it bothers me complain about it.   More people need to complain.   Don't just bitch in your kitchen or over a drink.  Write your "quote quote" representative and tell them your angry.   They should be for the people, not for their own pocket profit.  I am mad about this.  I would  still be angry if I weighed 110 pounds.  It just reminds me of Germany when your religion made you the enemy or the color of your skin mattered.  Not your heart.  Fight this people.  You should be ashamed of this bill.