Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank You Jeanie

   Jeanie from Day to Day Life in the Lakes thinks I'm nice, isn't that nice!  I think Jeanie is beyond nice and thank you so much for the award. 
Sunny at Blazen Sun also awarded me this honor.  Gee, I don't know what to say except thank you both.

    When I was younger and people told me I was nice I was mildly upset.  I wanted to be wild, exciting, sharp, witty....but nice?   Now in my 50's nice is really good.  Much better then crappy and cranky.   So Jeanie....I am honored.  Thank you so much.  Now I get to pass it on to 4 other journals.   So here goes.

Greg. of Photo Trek

         Greg is such a nice man.   He is an immensely talented Photographer who graciously and nicely shares his love and knowledge with the J-land community along with his wonderful photo's.  His goal is to eventually do photography full time and looking at this wonderful Photography I can see it happening.  Thanks Greg.

Meg of In Quest of Truth

    Meg has the funniest sense of humor and takes wonderful photographs of her beautiful town and countryside.  The way she used to write about her old boss always had me in stitches plus she is just a really nice woman.

Jackie from  Hope Floats.

          Jackie is a real positive person and nice to boot.  She has been through alot and maintained her sweet and nice personality the entire time.  She is just a nice woman.  I can't remember if her journal is private, I think it might be but she deserves this.  Thanks Jackie for being you.

Helen  of My Every Day Life

    I got to know Helen because we both love to photograph flowers.  She does a lovely job and thanks to her wonderful pictures I found the camera I now use.  We also share a love of fishing but she gets to go and is more successful then I am.   She is a wonderful nice lady and a good friend. 

      There are so many other people in J-land that deserve this wonderful award and I think as it goes around it will be popping up all over.  The only you have to do when you get this award is give it to 4 people that are deserving.  Share the nice.  Here are some tags to put on your side bars.

    One again  thanks Jeanie.  I will have to remember it in those difficult moments, LOL.   I am nice, I am nice, I AM NICE.



springangel235 said...

Congrats on your award...well deserved.  You chose some awesome people.  
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday...hugs,

ukgal36 said...

congrats on your well deserved award...this one award i have no chance of getting mind you...LOL

radar446 said...

Congratulations on your award.  You can disregard the questions I asked in the email have answered all of my questions here.  Thank you again for sharing this honor with me.  I have to admit I blushed a bit when I read what you said.  Jennifer happened to be reading over my shoulder and said "That was so nice", I guess that means you are well deserving of the "Nice Matters Award".

Don't worry, I don't think it matters what age a person is...nice is always a good thing to be and to be thought of as.


lanurseprn said...

Nice is good! And you ARE nice!  You made some good choices, too!

rdautumnsage said...

Congratulations hon! Well deserved! (Hugs) Indigo

nightmaremom said...

well deserved.. and great picks!

kirkbyj05 said...

Your welcome Julie.  It was a pleasure giving it to you.
Much love and a big hug
Jeanie xxx

carolelainedodd said...


bgilmore725 said...

Congratulations Julie on your award... you are NICE indeed.. and I agree with your choices. I read Greg's journal regularly, and he's one of the people I'd love to meet in person. I followed his link to your journal... to say Congrats to a very nice person! bea

linnpooh said...

Hi Julie....
Congratulations......and Jeanie is right, YOU ARE WONDERFULLY NICE!!!!

Pooh Hugs,

coelha said...

Congrats!!  Nice is good!  It's better than "sweet".  (I was always described as "sweet" and I hated that!)  Julie :)

jlocorriere05 said...

Congratulations Julie! I knew all along that you were nice! I've just got back online after a computer crash, lots of catching up to do! Jeannette xx