Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Short entry

  I am sitting here with my tummy growling waiting for supper to get ready.   I had been really neglecting my diet, but with all my little health issues lately made worse by not exercising and losing more weight I am back to being a good girl, or woman. grin.  

  2 more nights of work.  I am charge tonight which I hate.    Just give me my patients and let me be.  I spent too many years doing that and like not having to do most of the time.  Getting lazy in my old age.

   We are probably going to have to cancel my vacation.  It just is not a smart time to be using up all my vacation time when I will be needing it soon for his mother.  I am not going to give it all up though.  We are hoping to go to Omaha overnight.  They opened up a new safari park we haven't been through and I want to go to the Zoo.  I am trying to get a deal at the Doubletree downtown.  Have to figure out how to get those reduced rates on-line people talk about.  A relative spent the night their for only $69.00 since it was a weekday.  I have no trouble going on a weekday if it will save me that much money.  All I want is a clean bed and shower anyway.  They charge way to much for a place to lay your head.  I also am going to splurge and get a massage soon.  It will help my muscles.  Last time I through my back out I got a few and they really helped.

   The weather is hot and humid.  Everything feels damp and sticky.  Since the doc started me on another inhaler though my asthma is better.  Only had to use my rescue inhaler once which is a big improvement.

    We found another lump on Zoey's leg.    A new lump.   She also seems to have really poor tolerance these days.  We can only walk her a short distance before she seems done in.  So back to the vet for a chest X ray and to see about getting this new lump removed.  Not until the chest xray though.  I am afraid we may find some cancer there.  I was hoping and praying it wouldn't come back.  Should have known better the way my luck is going here lately.  When it rains it pours.  But that is what makes life interesting.

   Someone sent me the exercise tape 8 minutes abs.   I am going to have to download it to a DVD so I can watch it out on the TV.  I will have to watch it while I do it at first.  They say if you do it everyday you really see results.  Sounds good to me and I can fit 8 minutes in easy.  10, don't know, 8 easy.

   Well, bye all.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  Blush blush.  I was not fishing for compliments....just some days I really love my job.  Some days I hate it.  Not often though.


jckfrstross said...

i love the zoo too:) hope you can get a cheap rate. have a good evening


cacklinrosie101 said...

Aw, Julie, I'll keep Zoey in my prayers and pray her lungs are clean.  Hope you get a chance to take an overnight.  You sure could use a break.  Chris

kirkbyj05 said...

I agree with you on the extortionate hotel and accommodation charges just for laying your head down.   I can never understand why they charge for a sea view when all most of us do in our bedrooms is go to sleep then get up and enjoy going out.  In Scotland it cost us $160 dollars per room a night.  One was $320 a night if you got the room with a view.  I wouldn't mind... but the tide went out and all you saw was black muddy sand.
I still have a massage voucher to use from one of my 60th birthday presents.  I have a hairdressing voucher to use yet too.  Next week..... once my grandson goes back home to his Mum and Dad.  Then I shall treat myself to a pamper.  I can't wait!
I have had three weeks of visitors; running them around as well as cooking for them....so it will be my turn for a treat.  It's been super having them all but so tiring!  
Hope Zoey's prognosis is more positive than you are thinking.  Her not walking so far is a worry.  So is the lump.
Good luck with the diet...I fell by the wayside ages ago.    One day!   One day!  I'll get back on my diet.   Famous last words.  That's what will be written on my tombstone.   Hahahaha!
Hope you get to visit the Zoo and get a break from everyting.   Take care.

madcobug said...

I hope you get to go on your mini vacation. Poor Zoey. I pray that she will be alright. Helen

erarein63 said...

Hope you get to go on your mini vacation, I need one too.  Hope Zoey is okay.  I've GOT to get back on my diet as well.  Well, I'm off to work!  De ;)

lanurseprn said...

Good luck on the hotel. I hope you get it cheaper! You're right...they cost WAY too much!
Poor Zoey...I was hoping this was all done. Good luck and keep us posted.

springangel235 said...

Hopefully you can get out for the over night trip...it sounds great.  It is hot hot heat index will be 105...bad.  Hope you have a great midweek...hugs and love,

rdautumnsage said...

Sorry to hear about the new lump on Zoey. Keeping her in my prayes on the smoke. I hope your able to get away for an overnight visit to Omaha you could most certainly use some time to enjoy yourself. (Hugs) Indigo