Monday, August 20, 2007


   The sky is black and so scary looking.  We raced home right in front of this black black cloud.  Lightening, hail, scary scary scary.  As I type I hear the fat rain hitting the windows.  The air is charged and static.  Iowa thunderstorms.  Will I keep my electricity this time, we shall see.  Time to turn off the computer and hunker down.  Swirling clouds above our heads.


radar446 said...

Personally, I love storms, but I'm weird that way.  Hope everything is well there and you didn't get beaten up too much.


nightmaremom said...

I love a good storm... so long as I'm safe in my house.... but I hate losing power!!! Hope all is good

jckfrstross said...

hope you all are safe:)


kirkbyj05 said...

Please stay safe Julie!  I hope Betty will be alright too.
I don't like wild thunder and lightning storms that crash overhead.  I prefer that they stay somewhere off in the distance.
I hope your electricity stays on too.  I pray you wont be left in the dark.
Just to repeat myself....STAY SAFE!