Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Morning all

  I am up sipping coffee and getting ready for my massage on my wrist.  I am totally amazed that the swelling is down somewhat this morning and I have less pain.  Dare I hope it will be even better after today?  I sure hope so.  This man is so reasonable also.  I got more out of his treatment yesterday then my physical therapy after 5 treatments.

   Trying to add pictures to my entry and once again the aol photo journal won't work with the link.  No pictures show up.  Sigh, what a bother.

    I haven't been able to take many pictures lately.  Very few bike rides, very few new pictures.  Very little exercise except my 8 minute flab exercise.  The year is just flying by and with the terrible heat and humidity I am trapped in my cool bedroom.

    On the 24th my son is going to be in a mountain bike race at Alfton Alps
   It is a 4 man 24 hour straight race.  We are his support team.  Our job will be to make sure their drinks are ready,  do first aide, cook food which will give them losts of energy and of course take pictures.  He has been training all year, even all winter for the race.  They don't expect to win but they want to finish.  I am worried because he has no backup support team.  You have to have a support team to enter.  With my MIL things could change in a hurry so that bothers me.  Still if it works out it should be fun to see him race.  Now he is one of those wasp type figures you see unlike his mother, lol. 

    What type of meals should I plan to give them the most energy without making them so full they can't race?  Pasta's?  We will be tent camping also.  Hope my back handles it.



kirkbyj05 said...

Good luck to your son when he takes part in his mountain bike race.    Pasta and Rice are two good sources of fast energy.  Kendal Mint Cake, made here in the Lakes, was always taken on mountain expeditions as it is full of sugar and glucose.  What about glucose tablets for emergencies?
I'm so glad your pain and the swelling has subsided.
Take care of yourself and make the most of your cool room in your heatwave.  We have rain and cold weather.  It might as well be Autumn for all the summer we have had.
God Bless
Jeanie  xxx

inquestoftruth said...

The bike ride (or your support of it) sounds fun!   Hopefully the back will hold out, and you'll have a great time.   Amazing about the wrist massage.    Something to think about, for sure.

lanurseprn said...

A wrist massage? Hmmmm...I'm glad it's helping! Interesting about the bike race. I hope you are able to go and support your son. Sounds like fun to me!

erarein63 said...

Hope the message helped your wrist again today, and that your back holds up for your son's race.  Good luck to him and take plenty of pics.  Sorry you're having trouble with AOL.  De ;)

rdautumnsage said...

Catching up here. I would be wonderful if your massage therapist can get your wrist in some form of relief without surgery. AOL is better termed AOHell these days. I hope things work out for your son with the race. I can understand you worrying about him having another backup team just in case. It does sound like a wonderful adventure. (Hugs) Indigo