Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Morning

Actually I am having a hard time waking up this morning.  Bed just felt so good.  I feel like this kitten.

   We went out last night and played pool.  I haven't played pool for awhile, but was happy I didn't do so bad.  I wouldn't be up to playing for money these days, but I am not completely lacking in skills.  I used to be soooo good at banking and that little skill seems to have deserted me though.  Sometimes I miss the game so much.  It was a big part of our lives for 11 years. 

   I played almost everyday and had my share of trophy's.  What I liked to best though was to challenge a table.  A friend of mine, Kim, and I would challenge the table usually from a couple of guys as they seem to always hold the tables.  They would be all confident and show offy.  We would smile sweetly, agree to play for money and then kick their butts..... repeatedly, lol.  Oh the good days.  I made the grocery money many a day back then.

   Yesterday I got a letter from my insurance company.  They said after Sept 1st they are no longer paying for name brand sleeping aides.  Namely my Ambien CR.  Now that I finally got a script with refills.  Ticks me off.  I have paid almost $8000 in insurance premiums so far and they won't let me have my sleeping pill!  So I have to call my doctor and get it out of their approved list.  Which probably won't work as well for me.  Thing is we are changing insurances in Jan.  So will I have to start all over with them?  Smile Julie Smile

    Tomorrow  I have to call my doctor and have her refer me to my hand doc.  The wrist is just getting worse and worse.  I am wearing the brace all the time now and still getting these shooting sharp pains down my wrist into my hands which are now numb most of the time.  I also see evidence of muscle wasting on the hand.  So I will see if he can offer me anything short of surgery.  But I don't expect good news.  I was suppose to have surgery 2 years ago and keep putting it off.  Must have reached the end of the road.  Bummer.

    My MIL is still hanging in there, her words.  She is depressed at times these days.  I would be also I guess.

    Well, it is hot here.  To hot for a bike ride, too hot for the zoo.  Won't cool off until, you guessed it, my first night back to work.  Sigh.  Oh well, eventually it will cool off and I'll get my day in the zoo.

   One more thing.  I have been doing the 8 minute ab workout, or flab workout in my case.  Can we say sore sore sore!  Oh my.  They make it look so easy.  With my bad back it gives new meaning to ouch.  I need to get my back muscles stronger though.  I think that is why my back is worse.  Slacked off too long on my exercises.

    Rick sees his heart doc on Weds.  We are going to schedule his ablation then.  Nervous.

    Well, take care all and a question.  What does MEME stand for and where did it originate?


lanurseprn said...

I had no idea you played pool. I'm bad at pool...but I have fun when I do play. I never win, though!
Wow I'd be nervous about the ablation, too! I used to see them done when I was working in Cath Lab. It's a big project!! Lots of equipment and people! But, they do help!  Good luck to Rick.

nightmaremom said...

a pool shark, eh?  LOL  I can't play... no coordination...  
Here is a site on Meme...

daddyleer said...

Isn't it maddening when prescription plans just change what they cover at their whim? People on expensive maintenance meds can face life altering challenges.
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

cacklinrosie101 said...

I hate insurance companies and their policies.  I pay through the nose for mine and it just gets worse.  I'm appealing now to keep my son continued.  He was continued past 22 for two years.  It's up for review again.  I could scream. with the shooting pool.  I'm terrible at it but used to bowl and win money before my shoulder gave out.  Keeping Rick and your family in my prayers.  Chris

rdautumnsage said...

The kitten is too cute! I love playing billiards, haven't played at all this year. I used to do the same thing challenge the table. I would play by myself fumble like crazy, have some guy offer to show me how to play and clean the table on him. Nothing like having a guy eat his words. I taught Doc to play so we would have something in common. He gives me some competition these days. I may be small but play well with a heavy stick , the weight gives me more control. I miss playing too, too bad we don't live closer we could go shoot a game once in a while. Hope your able to find a solution from the hand doctor. Keeping you and Rick as well as your MIL in my prayers on the smoke!

A Meme I always thought it stood for me me seeing as it's all about you Lol! (Hugs) Indigo

erarein63 said...

Oh the kitty depicts me as well today, lol.  That is so cool that you can play pool so well, I totally suck at pool.  And don't you just hate insurance companies when they totally control your life and "practice medicine"?  Ugh.  Good luck to you.  De ;)

kirkbyj05 said...

I so loved that little kitten tag!   Its so sweet!
I too felt like that this morning after I baby sat my grandchildren in their own home.  I drove the 60 odd miles home and then hit the hay!  lol!
I don't know how you can keep working while being in so much pain.  Rotten Insurance firm!  It makes me wonder why folks pay their premiums.  It sounds such a shoddy service whilst paying out so much for the benefits???  Huh!
Poor Betty....she is hanging in there.  I remember my FIL kept wakening up from his longer sleeps when he was gravely ill and when he saw he was still around he just let out a long sighed 'Oh dear Oh Dear!  As if he wished he hadn't.  
Praying hard for her and you.
Take care...
Jeanie xx

radar446 said...

I like pool....I am terrible at it, but I enjoy playing.  I know all about the Ambien thing.  Mom has had to switch to the generic as well.  The good news is, insurance will now pay for a 30 day supply each month instead of a 15 day supply of Ambien like they have been doing.