Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday already

   Now I  know a lot of you have to go back to work today and I send my heartfelt sympathy.  Just remember, its your job! Giggle.

          Today is going to be a bust day.  Already we have the car in the shop again.  Now it has a fuel leak.  The van is needing work really bad also.  Also I am going to have my doctor try to arrange for me to see my hand doctor ASAP.   My wrist has gotten so bad with pain now going up my arm.  Now whats up with that?  Please give me a break.  I have a feeling this is how I will spend my much anticipated vacation.  Not riding my bike in the beautiful black hills but doped out recovering from yet another surgery on this treacherous body of mine.  Can we all say Whaaaaaa, poor me.  I can!

           It stopped raining and cleared up long enough for me to go and try and see some meteors last night. Try is all I did.  Not a one.  Oh Well.

      It has been a very unproductive weekend.  How did the one arm man do it?  I can't even do any cleaning because of the pain, oh darn, much less murder anyone and flee.  Must take practice.

     My abs of flab are really complaining today.  Maybe there is muscle under there after all.  So the question.  If the muscles scream in the flab and there is no one there to hear them, did they scream?

      After I call my Doc and see about getting into the hand doc then we will go see MIL.  My exciting day continues to amaze me, LOL.  So boring.  Last night I played final fantasy.   Might as well as I can do that one handed.

    Well, so long, been good to see you, so long been good to see you, ya all remember that song don't you?

    Oh by the way,  Today is National Left handers Day.  Wtg you southpaws.


kirkbyj05 said...

It rained heavily whilst I was visiting my daughter in the Borders, between England and Scotland.  I was really looking forward to seeing the meteor show too!  Moan groan!
I hope you get your arm and writs sorted out real soon Julie...chronic pain is a test on your sanity!  
You are so brave doing the exercises with the built in pain leftovers.   Thats what puts me off beginning.  I'm not daft you know...I only appear to be.   Wooohoo!
Jeanie   xxxx

jckfrstross said...

Have a good week:)


erarein63 said...

Oh snap!  I was up and awake at 4-5am (best viewing time here in AZ) and forgot all about the meator showers.  I love stuff like that.  Must make mental note to remember tonight, like that is going to work, ha ha.  Sorry about your hand.  I had problems with my hand for about a year from a fall I had.  It killed me at work.  I would go home in tears sometimes.  I just wore a brace when I could and slept with one as well.  I couldn't take NSAIDS because of my gastritis although I did a couple of times (and regreted it with stomach pains).  Good luck to you!  And whine away, it's good for the soul (or something sorta like that).  De ;)