Thursday, August 9, 2007



     I love my Doc.  She is so nice and her new baby is so cute.

      Anyway I had my visit.  She is so proud that I have lost more weight.  Granted slow but it is coming off.  My blood pressure is wonderful, 100/60, and my pulse is good.   I need surgery on my wrist as she says it won't get better it is so bad, knew that, but still putting it off and I should have a MRI of my back, but she will let me wait on that also.  I have to check my cholesterol again in 2 months as it is high, but I think probably better and she gave me more sleeping pills.  She agrees that sleeping is important for me.    So that is my news.  Nothing I didn't know but she had to see me to agree with me, grin.

    I am waiting for hubby to come back as he is taking MIL's garbage out.  Tomorrow we have a hospice visit.  Wait, I hear him coming back.  Talk to you later.   I am going to finish the movie I have fallen asleep during twice if it kills me.


lanurseprn said...

Glad your Doc visit went well. Gotta stay healthy! Have a good movie night!

erarein63 said...

Glad you have a doctor that listens to you, and more importantly, allows you to participate in your own healthcare.  How rare!  Plus she gives pills, even better, lol.  Seriously though, no one give me ANYTHING EVER, even when I ask.  "Just drink some warm tea before you go to bed, dear."  Good for you.  De ;)

radar446 said...

Other than your wrist, sounds like things are going well for you.  Great BP, wish mine were so low.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Sounds like a positive check-up.  Your BP is great.  I think I need some sleeping pills.  Since menopause kicked in 4 years ago, I have insomnia that just won't go away.  Chris