Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One more day to work

   We got a lot done yesterday even with the persistent rain.  We go for weeks with drought like conditions and now it is pouring with severe weather all week.  Go figure.  

   Yesterday we got a 4 bicycle rack for the van.  Of course it turns out our hitch is really rusty so Rick have been working for 2 days filing it so the rack will fit.

    Got the tents out to air and the big tents zipper broke!  Gurrrrrr.  Dan is going to buy a new one.  The small one is fine.  The team also decided instead of leaving tomorrow and not knowing where we will stay the night, we will leave Friday at 5 am.   Hopefully we will be there by 11 and you can pick you camping site at 12.

     I talked to hospice again yesterday and MIL.  They both say go but both say it is getting close.  So torn.  I told MIL to behave herself.   She said she would try.


         Wouldn't it be wonderful to be laying on the white sand above, relaxed without a care in the world.  Sigh, makes me relaxed just looking at it.  And no. Neither pictures are mine.  They come from   Great place for pictures and desktop backgrounds.

    Well, time to get ready for my last night to work.  My wrist is to sore it feels broken.  How could it be that bad!  Ugh.


kirkbyj05 said...

I hope Betty stays well for you Julie.  I know I needn't tell you how it is that some folks can hold back dying until all those they want around them are there.   My mother-in-law did it with my children. They both lived away then.  Once she had them around her and they held her hand....she let go.  
We will see what the days ahead will bring your way.
Zips gone on tents, rain, a rusty hitch, hmmmm three things ?   Hopefully there should be no more until you return.   Watch out for them thar!
Beautiful pictures above.  Such crystal clear water.  I sat on a similar beach like that in the South of France many years ago.  We were told it was the island they used for making the Bounty Bar advert.  Very tropical.  
Roll on your day off as you say.   Praying for the pain to ease on your wrist too.  You can do without that for now.
Jeanie xxxx

nightmaremom said...

I do hope all works out and MIL behaves.

jckfrstross said...

i do hope MIL hangs on and you get to go:)


rbrown6172 said...

i hope all is well and you get to do the bike trip.  i know that is a tough decision for you.  hubby and i bought bikes lil over a month ago, but it has been so hot these past 2 weeks, we haven't ridden....almost 2 weeks with >100 temps daily!!  love the pix...that was going to be my question if you hadn't already answered.  lol