Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good Morning


    I was reading my alerts and from upper Michigan is this entry about fungus recipes that look wonderful.  Check it out.  Love those Baby Bella's.   Warning, I gained weight reading the recipe, but I think it could be slimmed down for those of us on a diet.

    Doing my 8 minute flabs today I was shocked and Awed to feel, deep under my protective padding, a firm hard muscle!  Wow.  Now if it could do something about the fat, LOL.  But it is going better.

    Today it is suppose to be cooler, of course I go back to work tonight, and it will be nice to not walk into a sauna every time I go into the living room

     With the warm humid weather we had seem to have grown some giant bugs.  Yesterday I was dismayed to see another huge spider at least 2 ", probably more, on the side of my house with another of those huge egg sacks which hatched a zillion babies.  Yikes, die you buggers.  Didn't wrap this lot up, sprayed the heck out of them.  I am afraid they will go into my house.  The last house we had those huge hairy spiders, just gave me the willies.  I'll take a snake any day. 

       And then we are infested with Cicada killer hornets.   They are about 2" also and big enough to catch and fly with a cicada.  They are relatively harmless to humans, but for some reason we seem to be having a moving in day for all in town.  They are living under my cement slabs by the garage and the driveway.  They are so large they scared me to death the first time I saw one.  Mutant wasp I cried to Rick and went running.  With a little research though I feel much better about them, but still would like to have them relocate.  So I am working on that today.

     Yesterday we heard the van has a motor mount going out and got the front end worked on.  At least it is repairable.  We still need to get a muffler and rear brakes on it.  Why doesn't that stuff last forever.

    Today I am getting my last massage at 1.  I have gotten a lot of relief, but not totally.  I am pretty sure it will be back to where it was by Monday after my 4 night stretch, but you never know.  We shall see.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed.  I also am going to officially cancel my vacation.  Sigh.  I have not taken an actual vacation since 1998 I think.  Next year for sure come hell or high water I am going on a vacation.  I will need some days off for Ricks procedure and then will save the rest of my days.  The cars have eaten up any extra money anyway. 

    I will count our trip next weekend as a vacation and leave it at that.  I am worried about having to work every day until we leave.  Will the men get everything squared away?  Will they air out the tents, get the food and camping gear lined up, the first aide kit?  Will they do it a few days in advance or the day we leave?  I have to make sure and bring my tripod and extra charged batteries.  Want some action shots of the team.  Must bring biofreeze for them and me sleeping on the ground in a tent.  Chairs, hummmmmm.  I guess I will make a list.

   Well as usual a long entry.  I don't get much time to make entries during the week I work.  I have to finish my laundry, get my treatment, go to my MIL and then back to get ready for work.  Rick already has a wonderful meal cooking in the crockpot.  Everyone have a great weekend.



rdautumnsage said...

Sorry to hear you had to call off your vacation. You could of really used the time to relax too with everything going on. Let the men worry about the camping gear, you have enough on your plate. Make a list and hand it over to them. If anything comes up missing or not done, they can suffer for it. It's been ages since Doc and I have had a vacation together as well. The most we get a chance to do is go away to the thousand islands blues festival. He ends up doing back to back gigs and is too tired to play the tourist. This year on account of how crowded and loud it tends to be I'm not going. It wouldn't be fair to Pickles to expose her to that for 4 straight days. Hopefully we are planning on trying to rent a cabin for a few days in early Oct. in the Catskill Mtns. when the leaves are changing and hiking in the woods is a treat. We shall see.....A musician plays when there is work, no matter what. (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:) keeping you all in prayer


lanurseprn said...

Have a good weekend.

erarein63 said...

Sorry about canceling your vacation, seems as that is spreading like a virus.  I need some time off as well.  I was going to sign up for an extra shift on Saturday, but after last night I think I'd rather not and forego eating if that is what it takes.  Not like I couldn't use to lose a few pounds, lol.  Glad your "flab" exercises are going well.  Good luck on the next 4 days!  De ;)

cacklinrosie101 said...

I sure hope you get to take that trip, Julie.  My last vacation was 1996 until the summer before last.  Joey and I took a road trip to Naples, Fla.  That will have to last another 10 years.  Ugh..I know the feeling of things coming up and screwing the budget.  Hope all goes well with Rick's procedure.  Chris