Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The continuing saga of our sucky health

        Today Rick see's his heart doctor and we make the appointment for this ablation.

       I am nervous about it as it is not without risks, but going into A-fib every week for 8 hours isn't without risks either.  I asked my son to take the day off go to Omaha with us.  I would hate to be alone if anything happened and I don't like to drive there anymore.  They drive crazy there.  Also we wonder how bad it will be going out of network.  It costs more of course, but they don't do that procedure here.

    Yesterday I went and had another treatment on my wrist.  This time the full half hour.  Although my wrist is better it still isn't great.  The swelling is way down, but I am still having pain.  He did say the pain would be worse last night due to the manipulation and he was right.  It is better today.  I get another treatment tomorrow and we will see.  I still see about a 40% improvement.  And my Doc called and they got me an earlier appointment on the 27th.  I kept the appointment and will see what one more treatment and working the week does.

    We have been getting a list of everything we will need for next week.  The worse thing is my van is in the shop now.  2 days ago the car had to get worked on, today the van probably needs around $600 of work.  Will it never end?  I should just cash my check and stand on the corner handing it out.  Everyone wants a piece of it.

     MIL had a good day yesterday.  She is no longer going upstairs to shower being too weak so if getting sponge baths.  Shock of shock BIL has been more attentive and even out of bed by 10.  Wonder what he wants.  Sound like he is looking to get his teeth worked on.  Guess who he wants to pay for it.  So he is being sweet and attentive to her.  She told me he gets like that when he had an agenda, LOL.  I told her to enjoy it and milk it.
   Things could be worse, we could be as broken as the old house above.


inquestoftruth said...

I'm so glad your MIL sees him for what he is.
I'm praying about Rick's procedure're both in my thoughts.

kirkbyj05 said...

A scary time for you all Julie.  I will pray that all goes well for Rick, yourself and MIL.  
You and she are a 'pair'!   Lol!   Poor dear BIL having to be Cinderfella for a little while.   Shame on both of you....hehehhehe!
I loved your Tag on the HMO doctor....  I tittered at that one.
Take care in the city when you get there and ''Good Luck''!

nightmaremom said...

sending good thoughts and positive vibes

erarein63 said...

Praying about Rick's procedure and your wrist hon.  You know we never have just one thing, it's we fall apart all at once, huh?  And I know what you mean about the check.  I walked outside to get in my car for work and I had a flat tire.  Course hubby is out of town.  :sigh:  De ;)

rdautumnsage said...

I loved the picture of the old house. I'm keeping your family in my prayers on the smoke that things will go well. I couldn't help but chuckle at the response your MIL has at the extra attention being dished out from you BIL. Milk it for all it's worth is right. (Hugs) Indigo

cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, Julie, you all have been having some rough times lately. I was just reading about the ablation.  I'm praying this does the trick for your DH.  I hope your son can make it also.  Keeping your family, MIL and Zoey in my thoughts and prayers.  Chris