Saturday, August 18, 2007

2 more nights to go.

  2 cannibals were sitting around the table eating.
First cannibal.....I don't like my mother in law.
2nd cannibal.....Thats OK....... just eat the potatoes.


     Sorry, sometimes the stupidest jokes make me giggle the most.

     2 more nights to go.  Yippy.  It was busy last night.  We didn't have a lot of patients, but what we had were very sick and kept us running.  I was charge last night and was sorely tempted to change my name by the time I left.  I felt torn in 20 directions last night.  My wrist unfortunately didn't survive the night and is very painful today.  It feels like it locks and I have to break it loose which hurts like....well you know.

     Rick is lying here in A-fib again.  In a way that is good because hopefully now he won't be in it next weekend when we are up in Minnesota.  I am praying for nice weather.  Please don't let it be hot.  Ever slept in a tent on a hot humid day?  It ain't fun.  Maybe I'll lose a ton of weight from sweating.

    If you have ever visited my bike journal lately you saw my ride though town showing all the art work.  Some idiots have been vandalizing them.  Now that just really ticks me off.  You try and make your town pretty and some kids with nothing better to dowith their time act like jerks and ruin it. 

    They almost caught them once.  Also someone is setting fires to peoples homes here.  Almost burnt up an elderly couple.  The husband was bedridden.  It was in one of our century old homes.  What is wrong with people.  I just wish I could catch one of the jerks, bad wrist or no bad wrist I would give them a piece of my mind.

     My MIL is still hanging in there.   Slowly getting weaker.  Spending more and more time resting.  Still no pain which is a blessing.

   Next week Zoey will be spending the time we are out of town at the vets.  He is going to check her over and see what he thinks.  I hate putting her in the kennel as she is spoiled with her meals and Rick makes her a real feast each meal, they won't so she won't eat..  Maybe she will lose some of that weight.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  Should I end with another bad joke?

   What has wings and can't fly?

         A dead bird!



madcobug said...

I hope you wrist soon gets better and hope Rick gets ok also. Maybe the weather will be cooler where you are going next weekend. Tent camping will be hot if the weather is hot. May have to put a small fan in with the things you are packing. Helen

jckfrstross said...

have a good Sunday:)


nightmaremom said...

hopin all get better soon,.. take care of you
Tent.. it's been awhile but I do remember how hot..

bgilmore725 said...

I quit camping in the summer time a looong time ago... too hot and humid to sleep, no relief from the heat all night long, and then waking up with aching backs and having had very little if any sleep... camping is for the youngest among us! NDIMM! First joke better than second. Hope Rick gets well, and your wrist gets relief from the pain and swelling. Thanks for coming by and leaving that comment. I just came back from visiting your bike ride entry... so impressed by your photos, especially the flowers. What kind of camera do you use? bea

erarein63 said...

You're too funny, haha.  Love the jokes.  Hope your wrist gets better.  Tent and camping, my two least favorite words.  De ;)

radar446 said...

That last one really got me...just to let you know.


rdautumnsage said...

Wishing some of this cooler weather we have your way for Minnesota. Keeping Rick, you and your MIL in my prayers on the smoke! As for the vandals, I would hang them by their feet if I could. It's happening around here now that we have riff raff moving into the neighborhood. They don't own their own homes or care about a thing so they tend to vandalize everything in site. It's almost like if they can't have it why should we. If they weren't so ignorant they would wake up and smell the coffee, instead of the booze and realize they can have it as well, if they worked as hard as we do for it. It's depressing they have to be so destructive instead of doing something constructive with their time. (Hugs) Indigo

lanurseprn said...

That's AWFUL about the old couple losing their home to arsonists! OMG! What is happening to our society? I just don't get it.
I hope you have fun and it's not too hot for you. I've been in a tent on a hot's like an oven! UGH!
Have a good night.