Monday, August 13, 2007

Help in unexpected places

  The weather here is so hot and humid you just can't breath.  Deadly heat.  No AC....what do you do?   Go out to eat of course, which we did.   I had my brace on, always, and who do I see at the bar having a beer?
 My massage therapist! 
He saw my brace, asked me what was going on and did a treatment right there.  Only cost me a beer.

    I have to tell you my arm feels 40% better.  He could tell how bad it was and said I had knots up and down in a couple of places. How could I have forgotten about him?  When my back messed up a couple of years ago I saw him and he straightened me right up.  So I made an appointment for tomorrow and Thursday and he thinks it should have me right as rain. 

     This man has magic fingers I tell you.  I am typing right now with NO brace and my pain is a 4 instead of an 8.  Its a miracle.   Please dear Lord let me not need surgery.  If you haven't ever had a massage I highly recommend it with someone who is very trained.  He has been doing massages for 25 years so is very good at what he does.  Heaven....I'm in heaven.   No pain pill tonight.



erarein63 said...

Cool!  Glad that the massage worked, and just for a beer...bonus!  Sleep with your brace and see if that helps too.  De ;)

madcobug said...

I hope he can fix you right up and keep that pain away. I have never been to a massage therapist. If I thought it would help this back pain I would go in a minute. Guess I will call the pain management place today and see if I can set up an appointment as soon as they have an opening. I told Ken yesterday afternoon that I had went just about as far as I could go with this pain. I can't take pain meds. Hope you have a good day today. Helen

kirkbyj05 said...

That's certainly a miracle Julie.  It was meant for you to go out last night and bump into him. What brilliant news.   Power to prayer!
I was given a voucher for massage treatment for my 60th birthday.  Its still sitting on the mantlepiece.  I think I will ring up and make an appointment and join you in!
Cheers!    I hope you had a great nights sleep.
Jeanie  xxx

lanurseprn said...

How cool that you ran into him! I would love to find someone to do a good back and leg massage! I'm DYING for one! You're lucky you know this guy.

springangel235 said...

That's a nice miracle!  Hope it continues to help!