Saturday, June 30, 2007

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I am trying to get tired enough to sleep and not dream.  Not dream of children dying, no dream of people being dismembered like last night.  Just a pleasant dream and if I can't have no dream all please.  I seem to be the 3 rd person in these dreams.  Powerless to stop what I know is coming.  Sitting in the window watching.  I think it mimics my life right now.  I know what is coming but feel powerless to stop it also.

   My MIL's death, the problems with my BIL.  The situation with the terrorists.  the boarders and the immigration laws.  All are weighing heavy on me right now.Can't send them all to the back burner.  Makes sleeping a challage.

   As a nurse I have seen violet death, children, babies, old people, young....I have seen it all.  I never had dreams back then.  Why  now.  Why now.
   Normally I am not on any medication except my fluid pill and an occasional sleeping pill.  My back is out so I have had some motrim, thats it,  I want these dreams to stop, Please just stop.  Go back to my plesant I want to sleep dreams

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rbrown6172 said...

{{{julie}}}  try meditating on 1 peter for me. :)  you'll be in my prayers.