Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hot and Muggy.

        It seems like just yesterday I was witching about how cold and gloomy it was and here I am now complaining about the heat and humidity.  Fickle me.  I just got out of the shower and dusted and vacuumed the living room that I can now see since I mailed so many of the packages today. Now I need a shower again. What a mess it is when I am in a middle of a big ebay sale.  It isn't worth putting everything down in the basement when I have to send more pictures, measurements etc.  back and forth.  So they sit in my living room and I pack as they sell.  My shop items I store downstairs in plastic tubs, but for this I just made everyone live with the mess, LOL.   Sure am glad it is clearing out.

    Went to the store and ran across someone who wants me to sale a bunch of jewelry for her so that will be much nicer.  Small items I can store on the top shelf of the closet, heaven.  We bought brats for supper tonight.  I don't want to cook anything inside to heat up the house.  Zoey has been living in my bedroom with the AC.  She just can't handle the heat.

    Zoey gets her stitches out Thursday.  Her hair is growing back and she is looks like she might have lost more weight.  The thinner she got the more playful she is so yesterday we ran around the yard chasing rabbits.  She loved it and I got exhausted. She is like a puppy again.

    We haven't been to my MIL's in 3 days.  Rick got upset when he saw that she had given Mr. Loser more money.  We just had him cash in a bond worth a thousand, where was thatmoney?  But my MIL is content the way it is going.  She doesn't want to talk about it.  So for Ricks sake we are taking a break.

     I told my FIL before he died I would try not to let my BIL use my MIL this way. He knew what his son was like as he was trying to hit my FIL up on this death bed also. What a terrible job I have done keeping that promise.  When she was living on 11,000 a year 2800 went to him leaving her with only $9200.00 a year to live on!  Sometimes her utility bills would be $350 a month.  We were helping her out and cooking her meals all the time only to find out she had been sending him 200 to 300 a month.  It's her money, she can do what she wants with it, but it stretched me pretty thin sometimes helping out and then to find out she was giving it to the loser makes me mad.  It makes Rick not only mad but since he is basically pretty quiet and keeps things to him self it is making him sick.  I worry about him.  He has lost 25 pounds and keeps going in and out of A-fib.  His BP is sky high.  So we are stepping back while the creep is here and hospice is keeping us informed on how she is doing.  How sad it has come to this. I hope he leaves soon.

    All of our relatives warned us about my BIL.  Seems like he has been known to try and hit them up for money.  They are really angry at him for what he is doing now.  But everyones hands are tied as long as my MIL has no objections.  Trouble is she isn't always with it these days.

     Well, I have 2 more days to work and then am off for a week.  Friday we are going on a lunch bike ride.  I like those.  We ride out to the lookout on our bikes packing a lunch and rest and look at the water.  I miss riding as much as we did last year but hopefully we will be able to more now that some things are taken care of.  Take care all and have a good week.



jlocorriere05 said...

I really do hate to hear how you BIL is robbing his mother, I know with her meds she can't be thinking straight and how anyone could take advantage of that I don't know. I hope Rick willfeel better soon, he must keep a close check on his BP. Glad Zoey's feeling better now, I hope the stitches come out OK for her. Jeannette xx  http://journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels/  

madcobug said...

Guess your MIL doesn't want to do or say anything to cause her son to be mad at her at this late date. It's a shame he is doing her this way. I hope Rick will be ok. Also I hope Zoey will do ok. Enjoy your bike rides. It will probably do you both good to get out for a while. The deer is so cute. Helen

jckfrstross said...

you are right in stepping back. MIL knows what she is doing she has been doing it for a while sounds like. enjoy your bike ride get lots of pictures


inquestoftruth said...

Since there's seemingly nothing you can do about BIL (you and Rick could go to him and tell him the jig is up, and to quit taking advantage of the poor woman...) staying away might be a good idea.    You hope he leaves soon?    My guess that he will be around long after she's gone, right in the house....

lanurseprn said...

I think it's a good idea to step back. I'd be so mad about helping her and making yourself run thin, only to find out $$ was going to BIL!  But, that's in the past. And if she wants to run her life like that now, it's her business. Stay distant and have fun with Rick to calm him down. I am sorry BIL is such a loser. Such a tough situation. Lets hope he leaves SOON!
I hope you enjoy your bike ride and that Rick feels better soon!

rjet33 said...

Awww, what an adorable photo.  I have a brother like your BIL, a brother!!!! ::sigh::