Saturday, June 2, 2007



          When I was young we would keep an eye on the mulberries and eat them by the handful when they ripened.  Then someone told us to put them in water with a little salt and see what happened.  What happened is millions of tiny wiggling worms come to the surface.  We were horrified.  All the worms we had eaten happily and gleefully over the years.  Now that I am an adult I don't think they were really worms, I think it was just shreds of the berry between each segment.....but I am not sure.  And I can't eat them anymore.  They get to my lips and I just can't get them any further.  Convinced myself they never were very good anyway.  Oh but as a child.  The excitement of seeing the first ripe juicy berries.

         Other things about being a child.  We played down by the creek all summer.  Made our little stick boats and pretended we were Lewis and Clark exploring the country.  Never once did I get a tick playing there in the woods by the water.  Now I walk my dog on the edge of our woods, safely in our cut lawn.  Only to find a tick or two.  Did we not have them when I was little or like the mulberries were the ticks waiting for me to ripen?

       My nephew was over yesterday.  He really is a sweet kid and my BIL is different around him.  My BIL was always told he couldn't have children due to a terrible car accident he had and all the xrays.  His x only had one ovary.   To my BIL this has always been his miracle child.  He is in awe each and every day about being blessed with his son at this late date.  He was 40 when Jonathan was born. So the kid is turning out pretty good so far.  The fact that he thinks Zoey is the smartest dog he ever met makes him OK in my book.  Zoey did all her tricks yesterday for Jonathan and he was approbriately impressed.  How did you teach her all those tricks.  So I told him some different ways to teach his dog and he is going to try at home.

     Zoey was acting like a puppy again.  Did I mention she has gone from 74 to 68 pounds!  We were told to put her on a diet and she is doing well.  Feeling better also.  Yesterday Rick was cutting branches and she grabbed one and tore around like a nut.  She likes having a youngster around also.  I can stand my BIL when he is around.

    Now my BIL.  I am starting to grudgenly give him credit.  He is being gentle and kind to my MIL.  Cooking her meals and spoiling her terribly.  He is paying her back and it is right and approbriate he do so.  She is grateful and I am grateful.  I still am keeping watch but so far he is coming though for her.  Going to AA meeting and no more drinking.  No money is missing that we know of and I think we would since Rick is taking care of all the bills.  Hospice told us yesterday it is getting close and we knew but still.  How will my nephew handle it.   Is is cruel to have him visit during this time?  My MIL is too ill and tired to make much of an attempt to bond.  He will likely be there when she dies.  A natural thing but still, for a child to see.


jlocorriere05 said...

I'm so glad Zoey seems to be on the mend and I'm happy Jonathan loves her too. He sounds a nice kid and I'm sure it'll do no harm for him to be around while his nan suffers from this horrible illness. Kids can handle more than we give them credit for. I'm glad you're BIL is acting better towards his mother and I hope he can keep off the drink. Have a good weekend. Jeannette xx  

madcobug said...

There used to be mulberry trees where my Granny and Grandaddy lived. I also ate my fill of then when I was a kid. You might try the salt thingy again to see it those were really worms LOL. I am glad that Zoey is doing better and has someone to play with her for a while. That is great that you BIL is taking good care of his Mom. Helen

lanurseprn said...

LOL on the mulberries! I doubt I could eat them either after seeing that squiggly stuff!  Glad Zoey is doing well.  I'm sure she loves your nephew...every doggie loves to play with a little boy.
Sorry your MIL is going downhill so fast.  I feel bad for you and your family.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Man, I ate so many mulberrys.  We had a huge tree in our backyard and would climb on top of the shed to get the sweetest fruits from the tip top of the tree. lol  You brought back some memories!  And I know about Hospice.  prayers for your mil to have an easy go.  love, Shelly

kirkbyj05 said...

Thinking about things we ate in childhood...I once ate whelks from a vendor pushing a wheelbarrow regularly thorughout our district in Glasgow.  I thought nothing of using a pin to take the 'eye' out and expose the tasty morsel inside.
when I was fifteen I went to the seaside for the day with school and found these little live whelks crawling around the pebbles.  Once I realised they were a living creature, I couldn't eat them any longer.  I brought them home to cover them with salt water and keep them as pets.  My father had them on to boil in the wink of an eye.  I was devastated!  Lol!
I'm so glad you are seeng a better side to your BIL.  That will make his mum happy too. God Bless her and keep her free from discomfort.
Take care.
Jeanie  xx

maryajacobs5 said...

We had the same with blackberries, Mum always used to soak them in water first to rid them of the maggots (laid by flies),before she would allow us to eat them


rdautumnsage said...

I'm never going to eat another mulberry as long as I live. Your nephew sounds sweet. Glad to hear you BIL is coming through for your MIL and his son. Sometimes kids do change things up for the parent. I wonder as you do the effect it will have on him if she passes with him here. Although Zoey seems to be enjoying the added attention. Keeping your MIL in my prayers she hangs in there a little longer. (Hugs) Indigo

cacklinrosie101 said...

Julie, I see nothing wrong with your nephew being ther when your MIL passes.  As long as it's not bothering him, I think it's fine and he is spending time with his grandmother.  Plus, your BIL has really come around and is acting wonderful, especially with his son there.  He seems like a great kid.  LOL at the mulberries and worms.  We ate them as kids also.  Someone told me about that salt thing.  I'm not sure it's worms either.  Chris

jckfrstross said...

i don't blme you one bit for not eating something that had worms in it LOL  so sorry about your MIL she seems to be going down hill fast