Monday, June 11, 2007

What a sale.


    Well the sale is over and I made over $420 on the dishes.   It cost me my day off as I had to pack items all day and send shipping costs.   I was just shocked at how much USPS has gone up.  It would definitely slow down my on line buying.  How could they raise their prices so much.  Way over double on some things.

     The cost of packing these dishes was pretty high.  I have been called obsessive about my packing, but I have never had anything break.  I used a roll and a half on bubble pack and all my plain paper.  I have to go tomorrow and buy a big box as what I have isn't big enough to pack it all.

    We went out for our date night.  I am trying to do things to get Rick to relax.    He is so upset with his brother I am worried about him.  I am sure his BP is sky high.  We can barely stand to go to my MIL because it makes us so mad to see my BIL.   My MIL has become more and more confused and doesn't realize what is going on.  Without going to a lawyer we really feel our hands are tied.  With my nephew there we don't want to have a big battle with my BIL in front of his son.  Probably why he had his son come.  He is still going through everything and for all we know pawning her things, but my MIL is content and I just don't feel like fighting.  He will have his time at the pearly gates to set things straight and I am fine at where we are now.  I earned every thing I have and I have no reason for shame.  I want my hubby to get over the stress of this and just get on with our lives.

    It was hot hot hot today.  I packed all morning, went on my date night all night and am turningin early;

                    Tips for visitors to the hospital.
1.  Short visits only.  You have no idea how many patients say they had too much company that stayed too long.  Visit them when they feel better.

2.  Kids should stay at home.  Do you have any idea of all the germs and infections going around in the hospital.  People are not here because they are well!  Also why put your children though having to be so quiet.  I am a busy nurse taking care of sick people.  Please don't leave it to me to tell your children to not run in the halls and to be quiet.

3.  I do not have time  to get you and all your relatives coffee, ice cream, pop, etc.   While I am serving you someone my be dying and can't call me.  What would you prefer?  Good waitressing or good nursing for your loved one?

4.  I can't give you any information over the phone or in person without written permission from your family member.  Yes,  I do think you have the right to know, still the law says I can't tell you.  I can lose my job if I tell you, so cut me some slack.  I don't make the rules.

5.  Don't give your loved ones candy, water, food or anything else without asking the nurse.  Maybe they can't have it.

6.  Don't believe everything you read in Readers Digest.  We really don't make that many mistakes and are not as bad as they make us out. We really do care and want to do the best job.

7.  Don't fly in from where ever you live and make our lives miserable because you feel guilty about not seeing Mom or Dad for 9 months.  Being a witch does not mean your family member will get better care.  It will mean your family member will get a different nurse every day because no one will want to deal with the family from.......well,  you know where.  Make us fight to have your loved one, not fight over who gets the short straw.

8.  I love taking care of my patients and I love my job.  I work hard to keep my skills current and train very hard to make sure I am up to date on the latest skills necessary to do my job to the best of my ability.  I do not tell you how to do your job, please don't tell me how to do mine.  Yes it looks easy to start an IV but if it was always that easy would you need training?

9.  Love your family members each and every day.  Don't wait until they are too ill to enjoy your company.  Life is short.  Make each day count.  And have a good day.


lanurseprn said...

Well said on the tips!! Wow especially #7!!  OMG when they do that it's horrible!!
Glad you enjoyed your date night.

erarein63 said...

Sounds like a good profit on the dishes, but hard work pays off.  You will have repeat customers.

I totally agree 100% on your tips.  I have a couple to add:
1) Wear shoes for you and your entire family.
2) Don't allow your children to crawl all over the floor because you have absolutely no idea what ends up there and I do (Yuck!).
3) Bring someone to watch your kids or leave them at home if you expect treatment that will leave you incapacitated because "babysitter" is not one of my job duties.
4) Realize we are the health care providers not you.  We decide your course of treatment not you.  By all means make your suggestions, but you will be a much better taken care of patient if you...
5)...Memorize my motto and live by it:  "This is not Burger King.  You cannot come in here and expect to order it your way."

Nuff said!  De ;)

jlocorriere05 said...

Well done on doing all that packing and mailing, I love that Christmas dish! Agree totally with the nursing tips, I've seen too many rude relatives over the past thirty two years! I'm glad you and Rick got to enjoy some time out last night, it must be hard for him to watch his brother doing this to his mum. It's such a shame that your BIL is this way, as you said, he'll get his come uppance at the pearly gates. Jeannette xx  

springangel235 said...

Great tips...and good job on the dishes...have a wonderful week...hugs,

madcobug said...

Good job on selling your dishes. I have been hearing about UPS going up so much. Good tips you have given. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Girl, you should keep a few copies on hand at all times of those tips, and disperse them to family members, as needed.   Anonymously of   Those were really good.   Nurses everywhere salute you.

radar446 said...

Glad the sale went well.  You are right UPS is getting pretty high now.  I just sent off a box with some of my prints and a frame and realized that I am about to be losing money on shipping after the costs of packaging are included.  Fortunately, I can get the boxes for free, and I use my shredded paper as filler.  If they go up any more, I'll have to raise my shipping prices again, and I hate to do that.


xxroxymamaxx said...

I love this!  I agree with all your tips.  IV's, easy? never on me! lol  Love ya!  Shelly