Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day

            Hope all you Fathers out there are having a wonderful day.  Rick is out on his motorcycle.  I hope he is having a safe and wonderful day also as I get nervous when he rides.  People just don't watch out for motorcyclists around here.  Then this afternoon he wants to ride our bikes along the river.

       Well that sounds great to me, but I must admit to being sore all over from going to the gym the other day.  Even lowering my weights I feel like I have been hit by a truck.  What is suppose to be my abdominal muscles are screaming today and my legs had charlies all night.  This will teach me to be a slacker ever again.  We are hitting the gym in the morning again.  The wind is also blowing to beat the band.  It can be a real challenge riding bikes in the wind.  But it is his day and I will do it if it kills me by golly.  And I want to get back into the shape we where in last year.

      Last night I was sitting here and felt something on my neck.  Darn tick.  I hate those things.  Zoey must have given it a ride in.  Sweet of her.

     Are you ready for my BIL Witch of the Day?  If not stop right here, LOL
     Got to my MIL's yesterday.  Unbelievably she is even thinner.  I asked her why we hadn't had to get her any boost lately.  Well she is forgetting to drink them.  I had asked BIL to bring her 3 a day and if you bring them to her she will drink them.  She just is too tired and forgetful to get them on her own anymore.  Obviously he isn't doing it.

    Now I know that is not going to cure her.  I know I can't force her to eat.  But she doesn't mind drinking them.  BIL says he is making her 3 meals a day. I am sure he is, but she will only eat a couple bites of a meal where if she drinks the entire bottle of Boost she gets a complete meal.  Big difference.  I am going nuts watching her starve to death here.  Why won't he do it?  Is he trying to hurry her along?  I asked my sweet nephew to do it and he is a good kid.  I bet he remembers.

     She has company coming Tuesday.  I am going over early and do more cleaning and I am making a dessert.  BIL is making a ham.  He is a good cook, but I worry about him preparing food.  He does not look healthy to me.  Could he be sharing anything?  Does he wash his hands when he cooks?  So many questions, LOL.  My active imagination is going overtime here.

    I am not sure what we are doing about supper.  I was going to make ribs.  Rick wants to ride.  It takes hours to make ribs in the smoker so I guess they will wait and we will come up with something else.  I might, Horrors, have to cook here tonight.  He loves my low fat chicken dinner and it is really fast to make.  That might be good tonight.  Its the one where you rub chili powder on the chicken breasts and have them over corn, black beans and salsa.  Just yummy with a salad and very low cal.

    Well, check out my photo journal.  I put a lot of my flower shots on there is you like flower pictures.  Bye all.


jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Julie,
Is your BIL trying to hurry along your MIL's death? I wouldn't put anything past him. I do hope his son remembers her Boosts, it's not a lot to ask is it? Enjoy your bike ride and the chicken after. I'll go over and check your flowers! Thanks for letting me know! Jeannette xx  

lanurseprn said...

Sounds like Rick is having a very nice day!! Good for him!  
I don't know what to say about BIL. He didn't look healthy to me in the picture, either.  I hope your MIL isn't in pain or uncomfortable.

kirkbyj05 said...

How nice to hear that Rick is switching off and doing his own thing on his motorcycle.   I can understand your worry about his safety.  He'll come home safe and sound.  Enjoy your bike ride.  I hate the pain from new training...that's the excuse I use not to do!
Betty will prefer to have the liquid meal as it won't put so much stress on her heart to digest it like a proper meal will.  Poor soul!   I hope your nephew does as you have asked him to do.  

I wouldn't have the ham by the way....just avoid it and pass the warning on to others not to eat it (on the quiet).  Jeanie

jckfrstross said...

Happy Fathers Day to Rick:) hope he had a good day:)


nightmaremom said...

Happy Father's Day to Rick... sounds like a good day