Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lovely rain


   We finally have some lovely lovely soft rain.  They type of rain that makes everything happy, my new grass seed, the tomatoes, my flowers all stretched out to accept the gentle falling rain.  I did my meditating to the wonderful sound of falling rain with my window open for the sweet scent.  Heaven.  Then my stretches, ( and moans and groans), and out of bed for coffee.

   Work was nice last night.  I had to be charge but it was a good night and I got off on time.  How wonderful is that.   One more night and then the week is mine.

    Now it turns out my bike ride may be off on Friday as now they are saying rain all week.  Sigh.  Rick did get fenders so if it is a gentle rain we could still ride.

    I am getting that
DeQuervain's tenosynovitis back in my wrist,   I had it injected last year I think and it worked great, but now it is coming back.  I have been wearing my brace and praying it calms down because getting it injected hurts really bad.  Yes it works but it hurts also.

     I also am going to try and go clothes shopping this weekend.  I hate shopping.  HATE shopping for clothes.  All those mini shirts made to leave your belly hanging out.  Low riding pants, frilly little gauze tops made for size 2 16 year olds.  Woman my age and my size, please make us some tasteful clothes I can buy without spending a fortune or ordering on line.  I will spend 3 hours and maybe find one shirt to wear.  Even in the smaller sizes I wear these days I have so much problem.  I think my age is completely ignored in the fashion industry.  They go from 14 to incontinent briefs and dusters in the blink of an eye.  What about all those years in between!

    Well, I guess I will get ready for work.  Tomorrow Zoey gets her stitches out.  Yippy.


rbrown6172 said...

julie, i love the raindrops on the grass!  glad they called you and gave you the 1st 4 hours off!  

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you got the rain you needed. Sorry you have tedonitis again, I've had that and it hurts to even pick up a coffee cup. I agree about the clothes, I can't bear those little blouses that stop above the waist. I don't even like to see them on young girls let alone women our age! I think women should leave a little more to the imagination which they fail to do miserably with today's fashions! Have a good evening. Jeannette xx

demandnlilchit said...

I love that shade of violet blue! beautiful pics!!!


radar446 said...

Sorry about your wrist, I hope it clears up.  Good thing you are getting that nice soaking rain.  We are getting those sudden downpours, that do nothing but flood the low areas.


kirkbyj05 said...

Julie you are so clever with your camera!  I love the raindrops on the grass. Its so lovely seeing nature through your camera lense.  It encourages me to stop and take in all the beauty around me.  We too now have long needed rain.  My tub plants were beginning to hang over the sides like sea-sick passengers.  Thank you God for the rain!
I once had a steroid injection in my right shoulder as it was frozen.  I bounced off the walls that night with the pain.  I just paced up and down from the bedroom to the bathroom and back I was in such agony.  It eventually took away the pain but Jiminney Cricket! it was SORE!  I can empathise with you.   Bryan and I are hanging around indoors desperate to go out walking the Lakeland Fells.  I hope it clears up soon. For you as well as us.  Take care and enjoy your rest days.   Jeanie xx

rjet33 said...

Man, I need a camera like that to take such detailed photos.  You always do such a wonderful job.  It rained here today, thank goodness, as we have been in drought conditions.  My grass and plants are dying.  Hope your wrist feels better soon.  I have tendonitis in mine.  Have to go to PT now and then for it, my shoulder too.  ::sigh:: Growing old sux sometimes.